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Three-Dimensional Monitor HP 2311 GT Review

Three-dimensional technology applied in PC monitors enjoys popularity primarily with more well-to-do people rather than general public. This can be simply explained by the price aspect attached to the issue: 3D monitors with all accompanying equipment are a costly acquirement, and not every customer is ready or can afford buying them for home use. Hewlett-Packard company always tries to comply with the demands and possibilities of their consumers; however, the company does not forget about the development and innovations. Thus, HP delivered three-dimensional monitor with passive polarized 3D technology, codenamed HP 2311 GT.

Design and Specifications

First of all, it should be mentioned that HP 2311 GT is basically oriented on the entry level customers, and this is vindicated by the moderate price policy ascribed to the series. The casing is made of plastic with mould base; this base does not allow any alterations in monitor's height or rotation. The tilt can be adjusted at 90 degrees to 65 degrees from the table. The scantiness of adjustments does not influence its steadfastness or reliability.

Orthogonal localization of DVI, HDMI, and VGA sockets makes them accessible and suitable for connection with different devices. The navigation across the main menu is realized by means of four control buttons which are located in the bottom-right angle. The available settings include the adjustment of color intensity and contrast of different color gamuts; there are more peculiar color settings used for more vivid and true-to-life imaging. This monitor model has got high level of blue and green colors and requires R255, B160 and G195 standards.

The initial delivery set of HP 2311 GT involves a number of useful components, among which are power adapter and cable, DC with documentation, user manual, monitor driver, HP template settings applet, and HDMI cable. CD contains CyberLink PowerDVD mediaplayer for the activation of Blu-ray 3D and DVD output in 3D mode. In addition, the CD embraces TriDef 3D program for the activation of games in three-dimensional mode. The manufacturer has taken care of the customers and provided them with all necessary for viewing things: a couple of passive FPR glasses with protective shields.

Monitor HP 2311 GT specifications can be dwindled to a few most essential ones:
— array type: TN;
— display dimensions: 509x286 mm;
— nominal resolution: 1920x1080;
— viewing angles: 160 degrees vertical angle, 170 degrees horizontal angle;
— contrast: 1000:1;
— response time: 5 ms;
— power consumption: 45W;
— color range: 72%.

Passive Polarized 3D Technology

Monitor HP 2311 GT employs passive 3D technology in its layout. This type of displays presupposes the usage of wave quality of light to accomplish the control over the display (which is perceived by each eye separately). The display is based on a polarized filter that covers the screen; the filter is characterized by the availability of two orientations: the first orientation is ascribed to the even resolution strings, while the second one – to the odd strings. Each of the strings enables the display for one of the eyes. With the purpose to fully feel the 3D effect, the customer needs to apply polarized glasses. The glasses do not use any electronic components; instead each glass is covered by a thin material serving the polarized filter. The filter destined for the right eye blocks the strings for the left eye, and vice versa. In this light, each eye receives only predestined perspective, despite the fact that the imaging is provided for both eyes simultaneously.

The major advantage of passive 3D technology is seen in the possibility to watch films or play games for a long time due to the absence of display blinking. This saves the eyes from overwhelming and extra loading. One more advantage is that FPR monitors allow the customer to see the light from the display on constant basis.

Compatibility with Different Standards

Support of AMD HD3D open standard is considered to be one of the major privileges of monitor HP 2311 GT with polarized display. Thus, testing results confirmed that this standard can easily ensure the stereoscopic 3D with 60 FPS shot frequency via HDMI port. At the same time, Nvidia 3D Vision/3DTV Play technology which is compatible with the majority of passive displays cannot be activated in this monitor due to lack of necessary drivers.
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  • 31 July 2012, 16:28
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