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Ultra-compact NAS Synology DS411 Slim Review

The market of NAS servers is seeing a violent development due to the heightened demand in business and home segments. This fact is explained by the high-performance characteristics and comparatively enormous volume capacities. However, the army of customers, who give preference to the combination of efficiency and design, is continually rising, stimulating the necessity of producing high-end and fashionable NAS-servers. The new DiskStation DS411slim from Synology can boast both, an advanced performance and ergonomic design to satisfy the needs of any customer.

Design and Layout

Synology DS411 Slim is able to strike the customers with its compact dimensions and 'glamorously-strict' design. It will blend with any environment and is easily transportable. This goes beyond all assumptions as the external enclosure covers a multi-functional server with eSATA and USB interfaces, as well as Ethernet. This NAS can be applied for the accomplishment of varied tasks and processes, such as data backup, download server, data protection, video observation server, shared file usage, DLNA-certified media-server, and some other options.

The standard delivery set counts a number of components which replenish this NAS model: user manual, disk with installation software, stand for NAS, RJ45 network cable, PSU with the network cable, and a set of screws for 2.5 inch disks.

The framework of NAS DS411 Slim can be characterized as laconic. The casing is made of plastic and has chamfered edges. The bottom accommodates a fan grid while the top of the casing has got cuts for better ventilation. The rear plate is also furnished with a slot for Kensington's lock and Reset button. There is one peculiarity that should be taken by the customers into account: this NAS server is not destined for the connection with PC (by means of eSATA and USB ports), since its main target is peripheral accessories. Thus, it can be connected with the external drives, flash-drives, printers, etc.

The clipboard is furnished with USB socket and six two-color LEDs. The top LED signalizes about the NAS activity, the lower LEDs indicate LAN operation mode and the activation of four internal disks. Green color speaks of the unimpeded operation, while orange color signalizes about the emerging problems. The bottom-right corner accommodates Backup and Startup buttons.

The internal framework serves the base for the installation of inner disks, as well as, system and interface boards with all sockets and a fan. The motherboard is located on the side plate of the casing; it consists of CPU Marvell 88F6282, flash memory ST 25P32V6P, chip impulse power stabilizers, control buttons, and external sockets. Such integration promotes for the development of a really compact device. One-core CPU supports 1.6-2 GHz clock rate and is equipped with 16-bit DDR3/DDR2 interface, a couple of gigabit network MAC, two PCI Express ports, a single USB 2.0 port, and two SATA ports. Moreover, it is able to support DMA/XOR guidelines and dedicated network security encryption algorithms. CPU is covered by a small-sized planar radiator. Port eSATA is enabled directly from the CPU, while four SATA 3 Gb/sec ports are maintained by means of controller Marvell 88SX7042-BDU1 for PCI Express bus.
The motherboard is also furnished with 60 mm fan which is installed to the casing's bottom. It has got three modes of rotation speed monitoring and delivers the airflow directly to the disks. Fan's operation is barely audible when the mode is turned on Low-power or Quiet Mode. Cool Mode intensifies the rotation speed to ensure the guaranteed motherboard and disks cooling down.


NAS Synology DS411 Slim has been developed according to the latest developments in NAS-server field. This stimulated the product's advanced efficiency and versatility. Besides, this model is characterized by the following technical peculiarities:
1. system memory: 256 MB DDR3-1066;
2. bay capacity: 4 hard drives;
3. network interface: single-port Gigabit Ethernet;
4. power consumption: up to 16.8W in operational mode and 9.6W in rest mode;
5. power supply: 100-240V/50-60HZ, PSU for +12V/3A;
6. basic capabilities of integrated software (on Linux OS): user interface on AJAX basis, rendering of shared network access to the data, access to arrays via CIFS/Samba/NFS/AFP/iSCSI, FTP-server/client with breach-free protection, web-server with PHP/MySQL support, and some other facilities.
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  • 11 July 2012, 18:56
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