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Cooler for graphics cards Deepcool Dracula

Radiator Deepcool with a frightening name is big and heavy, takes three adjacent PCI-E slots, and is expensive, but the efficiency is worth of consideration. About a year ago, the company Deepcool Industries Co., Ltd. released a cooler for graphics cards with high-sounding name Dracula.

The model has proved very successful, it stood out with very high level of efficiency and, most importantly, it is compatible with many video cards. But during time after release of «Dracula» AMD and NVIDIA have released new video cards, with some of which the cooler is not compatible. In particular, the lower the location of the GPU chip Tahiti requires revision of the cooler and Deepcool was not losing time, releasing a second version of Dracula.

The cooler is packed in a small cardboard box in black with a minimum of information on all sides. In this way Deepcool tried to emphasize cooler belonging to the dark forces and involvement in all the famous vampire of the Romanian principalities of Wallachia.

The package, in addition to the main radiator, includes the following components: 18 high aluminum radiators for memory chips, 9 low aluminum radiators for memory chips, 6 narrow aluminum radiators for graphics card power elements, hotmelt glue for radiators, steel backplate with an insulating substrate, set of screws, washers, nuts and the key to it; thermo Deepcool, mounting bracket and the reinforcement plate on the rear panel, bracket for fixing the frame with the fans, radiator for power elements of video cards, instructions for installation, two plates for fixation of fans, Sticker Deepcool, frame to secure the fans. Fans in the supply package of Deepcool Dracula are not included.

The cooler is still available in China. Previously, it was recommended by price of U.S. $ 55, but now for some reason it has grown to U.S. $ 75, although there is nothing fundamentally in its design or configuration has changed. Warranty period — two years.

Nickel-plated design of Deepcool Dracula consists of twelve copper heat pipes coming out of the same copper base and penetrating two independent sections of the radiator. Tubes with diameter of 6 mm come out of the base in different directions by two «packages» of six pieces each. Above the base of the cooling system is an additional small radiator. In a large section of the radiator there are 53 aluminum plates, and small — 31 plates. The thickness of the aluminum fins soldered to the tubes with the intercostal distance of 2 mm, is 0.45 mm.

Dimensions are 254*100*44 mm. It weighs 556 grams that is not so much by today's standards. One of its features is the variable height of the ends of the edges created by its original shape and due to the displacement relative to each other on the tubes. Because of this, should decrease the resistance of fans to air flow, while maintaining high efficiency at low fan speeds. Heat pipes penetrate the radiator evenly, with a distance 9-11 mm from each other. All the plates of mate radiator plates and heat pipes, and also tubes and cooler base are soldered. The construction is firm and does not have even the slightest backlash.

At the base the tubes are lying in the grooves with a distance of 1-1.5 mm from each other. The contact surface of the base of new Dracula revision has a circular ledge, by which the cooler contacts with low-set crystals of new graphics processors from AMD. Meanwhile, the old mirror processing is gone, and its place is taken by mediocre treated surface. To its flatness is difficult to bring any claim, the imprint on the GPU AMD «Tahiti» has turned out perfect. By the way, the report about twelve heat pipes of Dracula is not just a marketing ploy, however, it is difficult to say whether such a construction is more efficient than if it passed through the base of just six heat pipes. At the very least, the soldering is obvious.
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  • 06 August 2012, 18:34
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