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Aerocool Updates Several Mainstream PSU Lineups

Aerocool expands its mainstream- and budget-oriented PSU lineups with a batch of new models. Notably, it replenishes such series as VP, VX, and KCAS to satisfy the needs of a wider public. Without doubt, all greenhorns absolutely comply with the company’s best practices implemented within design and performance frameworks.

Hence, Aerocool VP, the most affordable series in the inventory, has been refilled with three models of 850 W, 1000 W and 1200 W power. They are distinguished by the integration of a single +12V rail, support for the Intel Haswell platform, and compliance with C6 and C7 idle states. All units are estimated for 120 thousand hours of foolproof operation, providing up to 84% efficiency in a wide range of workload. Their other peculiar feature is absence of 80Plus certification.

The VX series has been replenished with two low-power PSUs of 400 W and 500 W power. Their ultimate power on +12V rails makes up 324 W and 456 W correspondingly. Both models are equipped with a single 6-pin connector for GPU feeding.

For mid-rage segment Aerocool has prepared the triple of units with pretentious codename: KCAS (aka Kick Ass). All models boast the availability of 80Plus Bronze certificate and up to 86% efficiency on half-load. Their layout includes dual 6+2-pin connectors for GPU feeding. This series is introduced by KCAS 500, KCAS 600, and KCAS 700 models.

As for the top segment, Aerocool Imperator and Strike-X lineups remain unchanged. Their major peculiarity is half-modular of totally modular cabling design, combined with outstanding specifications and sleek design.
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  • 23 January 2015, 13:54
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