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Be Quiet! to Release the Second Generation of Pure Wings Fans

Listan GmbH & Co. KG, a well-known German manufacturer that releases its hardware products under Be Quiet! brand, is going to introduce the second revision of Pure Wings series of system fans. Entitled Pure Wings 2, the new series includes two models: 120 mm model, featuring 120x120x25 mm dimensions, and 140 mm model, featuring 140x140x25 mm dimensions. Both fans are characterized as entry-level low-noise solutions, which can easily cope with the cooling of all vital system components.

Fans Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 differ from their predecessors by the doubled number of blades. The latter have got original salient framework that considerably reduces the noise and produces efficient airflow. The fans are based on slide bearings and are estimated for 80.000 hours of trouble-free operation.

Both new-comers draw power via 3-pin connectors and are mounted by means of four screws. The 120 mm model rotates at 1500 RPM speed, producing up to 51 CFM airflow and not more than 19.2 dB noise. Its companion, the 140 mm model, runs at 1000 RPM speed, producing 61.2 CFM airflow with the maximal noise level of 18.8 dB.

According to Listan, the fans will be available in the market already this month. Their price will fluctuate within the measures of 10.9 EUR – 11.9 EUR, depending on the model. Moreover, the company promises to replenish this series with two more items of 80 mm and 90 mm dimensions until the end of the current year.
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  • 21 August 2013, 16:09
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