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Thermaltake Unveils Chaser A71 Full-Tower PC Chassis

Thermaltake has lately made an official presentation of a new full-tower chassis, entitled Chaser A71. The model features 565x205x537 mm dimensions and a rather stylish design. Its side panel contains an L-shape acrylic window that makes an exposure of all internal components. Moreover, the two out of four pre-installed fans are furnished with a bright blue LED that enigmatically illuminates the framework.

Being a full-tower solution, Chaser A71 is housed in a quite spacious case. It gladly welcomes ATX, mATX and Extended ATX motherboards, eight expansion cards of up to 344 mm in length, six hard drives or solid-state drives, three optical drives, a heatsink (of a liquid-cooling system) up to 240 mm, and a compatible power supply unit. The maximal supported CPU cooler height should not exceed 160 mm.

I/O panel is represented by a dense group of ports, indicators and keys: Power button, HDD activity indicator, a pair of USB 2.0 and the same number of USB 3.0 ports, and …

Huge Size, Adaptive-Sync Tech and DisplayHDR 1000 Certification – All of This in the Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB Monitor from MMD

The Taiwan MMD company, releasing Philips-branded monitors, is going to start delivering the Momentum 436M6VBPAB display, based on the 43-inch VA matrix with the 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution. The novelty is distinguished due to the Adaptive-Sync technology support and DisplayHDR 1000 certification.


The manufacturer designed Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB to act as an analogue of UHD-TV-sets. The refreshment rate makes this device attractive for PC gamers and playstations owners.


Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB ensures the 97.6 % covering of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, while featuring the 1000 cd/m² peak brightness, 50 000 000:1 dynamic contrast and 4 ms response time. In the meantime, the display update rate is limited to 60 Hz. Image output is conducted via HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, Mini DisplayPort and USB Type-C ports. The specialty is also supplied with 7 W speakers and the USB 3.0 hub.


Philips Momentum …

IEI Releases Small-Type Motherboards Kino-CVR-D25502/N26002

IEI has replenished its line of products with a motherboard series intended for application in small-type home PCs due to the implemented mini-ITX form-factor. All previous products of this manufacturer were basically oriented on the enterprise sector, however IEI decided to widen its facilities by developing quite new motherboards for home use. The series is represented by two models: Kino-CVR-D25502 and N26002 which have got a lot of common, as well as, different parameters.

In fact, the major distinctions between the two models can be dwindled down to the implemented processors. Kino-CVR—D2550 employs two-core Intel Atom processor D2550, while N26002 model is equipped with Intel Atom 2600. The difference is seen also in clock frequencies and RAM volume capacities. D2550 is able to achieve 1.86 GHz and is notable for 4 GB RAM capacity; N2600 achieves 1.6 GHz and characterizes by only 2 GB RAM capacity.

IEI Kino-CVR motherboards employ Intel ICH10R southern bridge. RAM …

globetrotter icon321 - modem interface Driver Download

globetrotter icon321 - modem interface for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003,

Free Download
Driver name globetrotter icon321 - modem interface
File name
Vendor Option nv
Driver type MODEM
Size 31.2 Mb
Driver Date 2008-06-17
Operating system 2000 XP W2k3 XP64 W2k3x64
Upload 2011-06-21
Free Download

Download free driver for globetrotter icon321 - modem interface 2000 XP W2k3 XP64 W2k3x64

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foma op2502 OPTIONBUS\GT72321V_APL
foma op2502 - application 2 interface OPTIONBUS\GT72321V_APP
foma op2502 - application interface OPTIONBUS\GT72321V_DBG
foma op2502 - diagnostics interface OPTIONBUS\GT72321V_GPS
foma op2502 - gps interface OPTIONBUS\GT72321V_LOG
foma op2502 - modem interface OPTIONBUS\GT72321V_MDM
foma op2502 - network interface OPTIONBUS\GT72321V_NET
foma op2502 - smart card interface OPTIONBUS\GT72321V_SC
globetrotter ge40x OPTIONBUS\GT72322V_APL
globetrotter ge40x - application 2 interface OPTIONBUS\GT72322V_APP
globetrotter ge40x - application interface OPTIONBUS\GT72322V_DBG
globetrotter ge40x - diagnostics interface OPTIONBUS\GT72322V_GPS
globetrotter ge40x - gps control interface OPTIONBUS\GT72322V_LOG
globetrotter ge40x - gps data interface OPTIONBUS\GT72322V_MDM
globetrotter ge40x - mass storage OPTIONBUS\GT72322V_NET
globetrotter ge40x - modem interface OPTIONBUS\GT72322V_SC
globetrotter ge40x - network interface OPTIONBUS\GT72401V_APL
globetrotter ge40x - smart card interface OPTIONBUS\GT72401V_APP
globetrotter gi40x OPTIONBUS\GT72401V_DBG
globetrotter gi40x - application 2 interface OPTIONBUS\GT72401V_GPS
globetrotter gi40x - application interface OPTIONBUS\GT72401V_LOG
globetrotter gi40x - diagnostics interface OPTIONBUS\GT72401V_MDM
globetrotter gi40x - gps control interface OPTIONBUS\GT72401V_NET
globetrotter gi40x - gps data interface OPTIONBUS\GT72401V_SC
globetrotter gi40x - mass storage OPTIONBUS\GT72E_APL
globetrotter gi40x - modem interface OPTIONBUS\GT72E_APP
globetrotter gi40x - network interface OPTIONBUS\GT72E_DBG
globetrotter gi40x - smart card interface OPTIONBUS\GT72E_GPS
globetrotter gi4xx OPTIONBUS\GT72EM_APL
globetrotter gi4xx - application 2 interface OPTIONBUS\GT72EM_APP
globetrotter gi4xx - application interface OPTIONBUS\GT72EM_DBG
globetrotter gi4xx - diagnostics interface OPTIONBUS\GT72E_MDM
globetrotter gi4xx - gps control interface OPTIONBUS\GT72EM_GPS
globetrotter gi4xx - gps data interface OPTIONBUS\GT72EM_MDM
globetrotter gi4xx - mass storage OPTIONBUS\GT72EM_NET
globetrotter gi4xx - modem interface OPTIONBUS\GT72EM_SC
globetrotter gi4xx - network interface OPTIONBUS\GT72E_NET
globetrotter gi4xx - smart card interface OPTIONBUS\GT72E_SC
globetrotter hsxpa OPTIONBUS\GT72F_APL
globetrotter hsxpa - application 2 interface OPTIONBUS\GT72F_APP
globetrotter hsxpa - application interface OPTIONBUS\GT72F_DBG
globetrotter hsxpa - diagnostics interface OPTIONBUS\GT72F_GPS
globetrotter hsxpa - gps interface OPTIONBUS\GT72F_MDM
globetrotter hsxpa - modem interface OPTIONBUS\GT72F_NET
globetrotter hsxpa - network interface OPTIONBUS\GT72FO_APL
globetrotter hsxpa - smart card interface OPTIONBUS\GT72FO_APP
globetrotter icon321 OPTIONBUS\GT72FO_DBG
globetrotter icon321 - application 2 interface OPTIONBUS\GT72FO_GPS
globetrotter icon321 - application interface OPTIONBUS\GT72FO_MDM
globetrotter icon321 - diagnostics 2 interface OPTIONBUS\GT72FO_NET