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Power-Efficient Monitor AOC G2460PG Review

Monitors with G-Sync support are not oddity nowadays. However, only few manufacturers manage to design a product that would be a perfection in any aspect. AOC has succeeded in this matter when it introduced the G2460PG model. It is differentiated not only by anticipated visual effects but also by low power consumption. Let’s review AOC G2460PG in details.


The G2460PG features the following specifications:

— display dimensions: 24 inches, aspect – 16:9, visible part of the screen – 531.36x298.89 mm;

— panel type: TN + Film, 6-bit, support for A-FRC;

— response time: 1 ms;

— maximal resolution: 1920x1080 pixels at 144 Hz refresh time;

— maximal brightness: 350 cd/m2;

— contrast: static – 1000:1, dynamic – 80M:1;

— viewing angles: 178/170;

— amount of displayed colors: 16.7 m;

— power supply: internal 100-240 V;

— power consumption: working mode – 40 W, standby – 0.5 W, off mode – 0.5 W;

— …

Meet New Landking Mid-Tower Chassis from Deepcool

Deepcool, known initially as the provider of prime-class cooling solutions, decided to gladden its fan audience by the release of a new mid-tower case, entitled Landking. The new-comer is targeting ATX, mini-ITX and micro-ATX mainboards, expansion cards of up to 280 mm in length, and CPU coolers of up to 165 mm in height. The chassis is made of steel with plastic inclusions, differentiated by a stylish silver coloring.

Deepcool Landking features 512x218x515 mm dimensions and weighs 6.67 kg. Its internal layout is sufficient for the installation of eight expansion cards, three 5.25-inch drives, five 3.5-inch drives, and a pair of 2.5-inch drives. The frontal I/O panel offers two USB 3.0 ports as well as two 3.5 mm mini-jacks; they are accompanied by two USB 2.0 ports and a dedicated dock for SATA interface.

To continue, the chassis offers nice opportunities for the organization of a highly-efficient cooling system. Hence, it accommodates four vacancies for the installation …

Intel to Take Care about Power-Efficiency of Ivy Bridge Processors

The rising competition between the two giants in the manufacture of processing units, Intel and AMD, makes each of the two invent ever newer technologies and implement them in their products. The attempts to dominate in the market and win as many consumers usually develop into brand new approaches and brand new advanced facilities.

In this light, Intel is going to upgrade its Ivy Bridge processors to make them more power-efficient. But power-efficiency does not imply that processing units will show less performance; quite the contrary, the manufacturer is willing to combine an utmost performance with the maximal power efficiency level.

Currently, the most power-saving processors of Ivy Bridge generation can be found in mobile devices on Windows platform and in Apple MacBook Air devices. Their TDP level is recorded at 17W. As appears from the above mentioned, the TDP level in upgraded Ivy Bridge processors will be lower than 17W, though the developers do not voice the margin …

Synaptics MOUSE Driver Download

Free Download
Driver name Synaptics MOUSE
File name 397288_aeaxw00.exe
Vendor Synaptics
Driver type MOUSE
Size 33.4 Mb
Driver Date
Operating system
Upload 2018-02-15
Free Download

Download free driver for Synaptics MOUSE Windows 10

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