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A Low-profile SilverStone NT08-115XP Cooling System

Nowadays compact systems are becoming more widespread, thus increasing the popularity of low-profile cooling systems. Specifically for such systems, the SilverStone Company has designed a low-profile air cooling system under the NT08-115XP codename.

NT08-115XP is announced to be an alternative to a standard cooler out of the CPU supply kit. The manufacturer states, that this cooling system is able to disseminate up to 65 W of heat, so it’s not effective enough to chill down powerfull CPUs.

The dimensions of the SilverStone NT08-115XP cooling system are the following: 101 x 101 x 33 mm. It possesses an aluminum heatsink with a copper center hub. The rotary speed of the 80 mm fan (10 mm thick) is in the range of 1200–3400 rpm, producing an air flow of 5.64–15.98 CFM (9.58–27.15 m3/hr) and a noise level of 16.5–28.98 dBA.

This specialty is compatible with Intel LGA 115x sockets only.

The price has not been voiced yet.

Nvidia Announces Quadro K6000 Professional Graphics Solution

Nvidia is going to release a new graphics card for professional use from Quadro series. Entitled Quadro K6000, it is targeting high-performance workstations, due to an uncommon computing efficiency with 5.2 TFLOPS single precision. This graphics adapter fully utilizes the computing possibilities of GK110 GPU and accommodates 12 GB(!) memory to lead across the segment.

Nvidia Quadro K6000 is based on GK110 graphics core (Kepler 28 nm architecture). As distinct from mainstream customer-oriented versions with neutered core – Titan, GeForce GTX 780/770 – this model employs a full-fledge core. This results in the augmentation of CUDA cores up to 2880 items, ROPs — up to 48 items, and TMUs — up to 256 items. GK110 here runs at 900 MHz.

In reference to GDDR5 video memory, its overall capacity makes up 12 GB, which is twice more than mainstream processors have. Its nominal clock frequency equals to 1502 MHz, while its effective index rises up to 6008 MHz. The connection …

Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi Cooling System Is a Modified Version of Cryorig H7 with a Higher Number of Heat Pipes and New Fans

Almost a year ago the Cryorig company announced H7 Quad Lumi, its new CPU cooling system; and at present this product is going to the market. This specialty is a modified version of Cryorig H7 cooling system, though, it is designed with a higher number of heat pipes and new fans.

H7 Quad Lumi is equipped with an RGB LED-lighting of the cooler base and logo on the heatsink cover. The NZXT CAM utility allows adjusting colour and operation mode of the backlighting, as well as regulating the fans rotary speed.

The Cryorig cooling system includes four nickel-plated copper heat pipes (6 mm in diameter), a nickelized copper base and an aluminium heatsink. Radiator fins are curved to form a cell structure. A 120 mm fan operates at the 300–1600 rpm and 10–25 dBA, producing the 49 CFM air flow. Please note, that the fan has the white LED-lighting.

According to the manufacturer, H7 Quad Lumi is compatible with all up-to-date Intel and AMD CPU connectors and processing units …

Intel(R) HD Graphics SGPC Driver Download

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Driver name Intel(R) HD Graphics SGPC
File name
Vendor Intel Corporation
Driver type EXTENSION
Size 355 Mb
Driver Date 2019-06-27
Operating system
Upload 2020-01-10
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