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Asetek to Finalize the Development of the 4Gen LCS

Asetek, a well-known manufacturer and supplier of water/liquid cooling solutions, announces the final stage in the development of the 4th generation of its patented liquid-cooling system. Currently, the products developed by Asetek are widely used by OEM-companies in their own systems. However, in accordance with the voiced information, the LCS of the fourth generation will be delivered as OEM-product line, so as a brand Asetek product. The prospective release date is scheduled for the end of 2012.

The 4th generation of patented liquid cooling systems features an elaborated waterblock base and totally refined pump. Such improvement might provide for a dramatic increase in performance. The implemented pump creates a higher pressure and more efficiently distributes the liquid current at the entrance to the micro-channel base structure.

At the same time, thermal resistance has been reduced at 20% which resulted in 1.2 times better waterblock heat irradiation properties. Liquid is submitted to the center of a quite solid micro-channel array; a pair of channels-collectors compile this liquid at the exit and direct it to the heatsink.

Additionally, Asetek has developed dedicated software, codenamed Chill Control VI, intended at the monitoring over the system operation. This software piece is able to read the data about CPU temperature and adjust the rotational speed of the integrated fan depending on the showings. The algorithm is traditional: the higher the temperature, the more intense the fan's speed.
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  • 01 November 2012, 14:19
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