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Asus Readies Top-of-the-Range ROG GTX 780 Ti Poseidon Adapter

Asus is going to enlarge its Republic of Gamers production line with a new graphics adapter – the ROG GTX 780 Ti Poseidon. The model, which is going to become a top-of-the-range product, is differentiated by an offbeat PCB and an exclusive hybrid Direct CU H20 cooler. For sure, this card is ready to offer much more opportunities for demanding gamers. No information about the release date of the pricing has been unveiled so far.

The implemented cooler combines the fundamentals as of air cooling, so of liquid one. Therein, the user is able to choose by himself/herself, which type of mechanism to employ, or whether there is a need to employ both. Irrespective of the choice, each and every component is going to be chilled to promote for the best operating efficiency, especially during overclocking.

The cooler itself consists of a waterblock, a bulky heatsink, three heat pipes, and a pair of low-noise fans with dust protection. The entire framework is covered by a black-and-red coating with a pulsatile red LED backlit. As explained by the manufacturer, the incorporation of hybrid cooling reduces the GPU temperature up to 31 degrees.

To proceed with other specifications, Asus ROG GTX 780 Ti Poseidon is based on GK110 core (28 nm, Kepler architecture) with 2880 stream processors and accommodates 6 GB of GDDR5 memory modules with 384-bit interface. Details about operating clock frequencies are not displayed yet, although some sources stipulate that the card will work at increased frequencies.

An exclusive PCB with PCI Express 3.0 x16 interface boasts the availability of high-end Black Metallic Capacitors and Digi+ VRM subsystem with a digital controller. Power supply is organized by means of 8-pin and 6-pin connectors, whereas connectivity facilities are ensured by two DVI port, one DisplayPort and one HDMI port.
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  • 29 November 2013, 18:32
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