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Transcend Releases SSD320 with SATA III Interface

Transcend has introduced a series of new 2.5'' solid-state drives, codenamed SSD320. The new product supports SATA III 6 Gb/sec standards, and is notable for the outstanding data transfer speed, as well as, reliability. SSD320 is based on SandForce SF-2281 controller of the second generation which adds to the overall performance.

Transcend SSD320 series will include drives of various volume capacities, starting from 64 GB and finishing with 256 GB. These models employ MLC NAND flash-memory chips. In addition, those SSDs support error correction technology. Transcend has taken care of its new series and promoted for the unmatched performance and showings. SSD320 ensures quick download of programs and practically instantaneous system response while working with complicated graphic material or multimedia applications. The devices are capable to achieve the maximal reading speed of 560 Mb/sec, and the maximal writing speed of 530 Mb/sec. Random writing speed (4K) equals to 87000 …

Bitfenix Portal


If you have ever dreamed about massive, attractive case with stunning technological potential, I’m happy to congratulate you with one more step closer to your dreams come true. This may be the Bitfenix Portal. It is a big smаrt chаssis inspіred by Valve's Pоrtal gаme series. Bitfenix cases have always been an example of a good quality and interesting design. And they still are. They have started challenging the conventional way of building cases even more than earlier. Today I would like to introduce to you an ultrafashionable Bitfenix Portal case. And, as usual, we are starting with Packaging and Contents.

Packaging and Contents

The Bitfenix Portal is already bought and must be delivered in a minute or two. When it is finally here, we can see a cоmpаct cardbоard bоx with an imаge of bоth cаse vаriаnts on front.There is also infоrmatiоn abоut the mаin fеaturеs of the chаssis and some аdditional detаils on the oppоsite side of …

Solid-State Drive OCZ Agility 4 Review

Up-to-date SSD manufacturers are inclined to employ MLC flash-memory with synchronous interface in their product lines. The implementation of exactly such memory interface allows balancing the advanced performance with moderate price. This is especially vital for SSDs with SATA 3 6Gb/sec interface. Nevertheless, some producers take the challenge to implement flash-memory with asynchronous interface in their drives. As a result, the final products go at more attractive price but with more modest speed characteristics. OCZ dared to overcome this speed drawback by releasing SSD Agility 4 series. The models included in the series are based on asynchronous flash-memory interface and, according to the company's words, prove to show quite decent speed index.

Chief Peculiarities

Despite the prevalence of SandForce controllers implemented in SSDs, OCZ decided to use quite different platform for its new series. Agility 4 employs Indilinx Everest 2 controllers which, in some way, …

Etron USB Mass Storage Device Allalaadimine Juht

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Draiveri nimi Etron USB Mass Storage Device
Faili nimi 490727_GC570_Win7_Drv_x86_V1.0.0.9_20170317.zip
Müüja Etron Technology Inc.
Juhi tüüp USB
Suurus 13.1 Mb
Versioon 1.00.0000.0119
Juhi Kuupäev 2013-10-29
Lae üles 2020-01-13
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