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Cooler Master COSMOS C700P: Review of a Heavyweight Champ

Cooler Master Company announced the case for PC which got the name — Cosmos C700P. Flexibility became the main principle of its developing. Due to this a user can place all the components in the case of his free choice.

You can definitely tell that it is Cosmos line as it has metallic handles which became a recognizable feature.

In a weight of 22 kg, it will be interesting to see what the newcomer Cooler Master brought to the ring.


The device comes in a fully colored carton box. You will find an image of the chassis itself at its face, while the rear holds some text lines. Turning the package 90° to the side, there are the enclosure's specifications. This image is essentially a photo of the case to make sure you can define the height of the Cosmos C700P.

Two big foam plastic spacers hold the chassis in place, and a plastic bag has also been applied to prevent the appearance of fingerprints and damage.

The box also contains zip ties, black screws, a piece …

Overview of the Gigabyte Aorus GA-Z270X-Gaming 7 Motherboard

Let's consider the Gigabyte Aorus GA-Z270X-Gaming 7 which is not the highest, but not just the average level one in the line of gaming motherboards from the popular manufacturer. The equipment of younger models most often means the availability of bonus software for the network and audio subsystem, that is interesting hardware ideas are not always implemented in that segment. The considered GA-Z270X-Gaming 7 is included in a special Aorus product line. The sound system here is not currently traditional Realtek ALC1220, but the hardware and software complex from Creative. The power system also looks powerful; there is a massive radiator as well and this fact gives hope for successful overclocking.


Chipset: Intel Z270

Processor socket: Socket 1151

Processors: Core i7, Core i5, Core i3, Pentium, Celeron (Skylake-S, Kaby Lake-S)

RAM: 4 DIMM DDR4 SDRAM 2133/2400/2666 * / 2800 * / 3000 * / 3200 * / 3300 * / 3333 * / 3400 * / 3466 * / 3600 * / 3666 * / 3733 * …

Aresze Launches Windcatcher 9100B Enclosure for 'Extreme' Consumers

Aresze has just announced the sales start of its new Full-Tower enclosure, codenamed Windcatcher 9100B. This product is supposed to attract, first of all, gamers and extreme experiencers who wish to integrate high-performance and solid desktops. The major privilege of Windcatcher 9100B is its comprehensive nature that permits users to select varied configurations and cooling systems.

Windcatcher 9100B design is developed with technological and aesthetic considerations in mind. The casing is made of durable, cold-rolled steel. The clipboard is made of aluminum and goes with perforation grids. Side plates (which are detachable) go also with ventilation grids to ensure optimal airflow within the casing. The integrated blue LED creates a magnificent effect, adding some refinement to the enclosure.

This model is a multi-purpose solution, allowing the customer to employ it with motherboards of different form-factors (E-ATX, ATX and micro-ATX). Windcatcher 9100B is capable to …

PhysX devices, tootjate nimekirja

Sellelt lehelt leiad nimekirja tootjate PhysX devices, autojuht, mille saab alla laadida meie kodulehelt. Parema otsingu sobiva draiveri 3-saadaval meie andmebaasis valige tootja oma PhysX devices 1 esitatakse käesolevas paragrahvis.

DevID : : PhysX devices

Arendajad on tänapäeva mängude rakendusi teevad kõik endast oleneva, et lugu ja füüsika mängud oleksid võimalikult realistlikud. Omakorda, fännid гейминга üritavad "pigistada" maksimaalselt võimalusi oma ARVUTIGA ja selleks paigaldatakse spetsiaalsed PhysX süütevõimendid. Viimastel optimeerivad gameplay, mis võimaldab täielikult sukeldu kujuteldavasse maailma seiklus.

PhysX kiirendi – see on mikroprotsessor, fotograaf arvutuslik koormus, et füüsiline mõju mängud protsessorit. Kui kõiki oma võimalusi, see kiip võib osutuda kasutuks lõppkasutajale, kui see toetus puudub konkreetne mängude programmis. Suurepäraseid võimalusi protsessor mäng aitab füüsika mootor PhysX SDK, mis on paigaldatud arvutisse kujul juht PhysX kiirendid.

Cpu PhysX töötati välja firma Ageia, mis hiljem omandas Nvidia, – üks juhtivaid tootjad graafika adapterid. Nüüd kõik reservid kiirendi esitatud kujul komplekti tehnoloogia, millega Nvidia valmistab oma tooteid.

Vaatamata asendaja riistvara tarkvara, tehnoloogia eesmärk on optimeerida mängu füüsika, see annab realistlik suhtlemist keskkonnad ja kiirendada reaktsiooni kiirus, tänu enneolematu võimalustega paralleelselt arvuti. Kuidas tulemus on, mängijad saavad rohkem eredaid elamusi mängud. Pealegi, kui alla laadida draivereid PhysX kiirendid, saab minimeerida viivitusi ja puruneb kaadrit dünaamiline mängud, mis võimaldab kasutajal saada liikmeks tegutsema.


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