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Zalman Divulges Basic Specifications of PSU GoldRock XG Series

Zalman, a recognized manufacturer of cooling systems, PC enclosures and other hardware units, is going to replenish its lineup of products with a high-end PSU series. Codenamed GoldRock XG, the series will be represented by three models of 550W, 650W and 750W power efficiency, ZM550-XG, ZM650-XG, and ZM750-XG correspondingly. The preliminary data demonstrates that all models are equipped with high-level components which allow the product to gain 80 Plus Gold certificate standard. Moreover, Zalman claims that its new PSUs will comply with EPS12V v2.92 and ATX12V v2.3 standards.

GoldRock XG power supply units will be distinguished by high efficiency index that will fluctuate within the measures of 88% to 92%. All the models will be released with the implementation of heat-resistant capacitors with solid and liquid insulator. The series will also boast the integration of LLC topology and DC-DC converter. The latter will ensure the utmost reliability and profitability of the …

Gammaxx S40: a New Budgetary CPU Cooler from Deepcool

Deepcool is going to amplify its product line with a new CPU cooler known as Gammaxx S40. This model features 120x81.3x143 mm dimensions and a traditional for contemporary cooling systems framework. But its recommended price of €25 is going to become the major attraction for the potential audience. Moreover, due to the availability of various fixing clips, Gammaxx S40 demonstrates support for various actual desktop platforms, including Intel's Socket LGA 2011, 1366, 1156, 1155, 775, and AMD's FM1, FM2, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+.

Deepcool Gammaxx S40 consists of six copper heat pipes covered by a nickel layer, a clamping plate that functions also as an additional heatsink, a set of aluminum plates with perforations, and a fan. The developers have realized Core Touch technology in their new product that allows the heatpipes to get in direct contact with the CPU lid.

The integrated fan of 120 mm dimensional type is based on a hydrodynamic bearing. It is known to support PWM …

Meeting Ballistix Elite DDR4 Memory from Micron Technology

As part of Crucial brand, Micron Technology comes out with a new generation of RAM – the Ballistix Elite DDR4. It is developed in a pure black PCB with a powerful heatspreader and an integrated thermal sensor. Initially, the company releases planks of 4 GB and 8 GB, although in retail sale the products will be available in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB kits. Pricing is unknown so far.

Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 memory operates at 2666 MHz frequency and boasts 21 Gb/sec throughput index. Its power-efficient facilities are 40% better than those inherent in DDR3 models with analogous clock frequency. This makes gaming process a delight due to intense responsiveness, optimized latencies, and increased frame rates.

The modules support XMP 2.0 profiles as well as Ballistix Memory Overview Display utilities; the latter track the performance of each module, analyzing temperature, voltage and frequency showings in real time. Furthermore, Micron Technology makes its DDR4 compatible …

SCSI adapters, tootjate nimekirja

Sellelt lehelt leiad nimekirja tootjate SCSI adapters, autojuht, mille saab alla laadida meie kodulehelt. Parema otsingu sobiva draiveri 2280909-saadaval meie andmebaasis valige tootja oma SCSI adapters 52 esitatakse käesolevas paragrahvis.

DevID : : SCSI adapters

SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) – üks vanimaid liidesed füüsilise ühendada välisseadmeid arvutiga. Erinevalt teistest standardid ühenduse, "скази" (rus. hääldus акронима) eesmärk on ühingu üks rehv eri tüüpi sisemiste ja väliste seadmete kohta: kõvakettad, стримеров, printerid, skannerid, ajamid, ajamid ja nii edasi seoses arvuti nad kasutavad kohandatud juhi jaoks SCSI adapterid.

Adapterid SCSI töötavad vastavalt kehtestatud protokolli ja наборам käske. Konfiguratsioon sisaldab käske ühised kohustuslikud meeskond (kohustuslik), mida kasutatakse igat tüüpi seadmeid, samuti valikuline (optional) ja brändi (vendor specific), mida kasutatakse erinevat liiki seadmeid. Siiski, kõik kolm klassi võistkondade eesmärk on tagada kõrgeim tase ühilduvus PC.

Seal on 4 versiooni kasutajaliidese SCSI: kitsas rehv SCSI-1, lai rehv SCSI-2, kiire rehv SCSI-3 ja ultra rehv SCSI-4. Esimene 8-bitine bus iseloomustab juuresolekul 50-bit ühenduslüli, võimaldab ühendada kuni 8 seadet korraga ja tagab andmevahetuse kiirus kuni 5 mbit/s. sagedusel 5 Mhz. Teine 16-bitine bus on tema käsutuses 68-bitine liides ja andmete edastamine toimub kiirusega 10 Mb/sek. sagedusel 5 Mhz; lubatud ühendust, seadmete võib ulatuda 16.

Adapter SCSI-3 pakub 68-bitine pesasse ühendada, kuid annab kaks korda suurema kiirusega andmevahetus – 20 Mb/sek. sagedusel 10 Mhz. Lõpuks, 16-bitine liides SCSI-4 saavutab taseme 40 Mb/sek. andmete edastamiseks sagedusel kui 20 Mhz. Tulemuslikkuse parandamiseks rehvid ja stabiilsuse tema töid on soovitatav alla laadida draivereid SCSI adapterid.

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