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Thecus Company introduced a new naming scheme for products

Company Thecus decided to introduce a new naming scheme for its drives, so that users can easily understand its product line. New names will have all future models.

In the name with length of five to seven characters will be encoded some information about the device. The first letter indicates the type of device: N — NAS running Linux, D — DAS, W — NAS running Windows, V — NVR. This is followed by a two-digit number indicating the number of disks (compartments for storage) in the system. If this amount is less than 10, the first zero is omitted. Fourth and fifth digit is coded by the hardware platform used. For example, 21 — Cavium Econa, 31 — Marvell Armada, 51 — Intel Atom Cedarview, 52 — Intel EvanSport, 53 — Intel Atom third-generation, 81 — Sandy Bridge, 82 — Ivy Bridge, 83 — Other Platforms future generations. On the sixth position, which is reserved for future needs, zero is registered. If the system is performed in rack format, the model name is …

Review of Transformer Pad TF300T from Asus

The effective solution of various dedicated tasks is the major goal of computer technologies. You can hardly find a person who would not use the privileges those technologies provide, however when it comes about the purchase of this or that device, customers pay great attention not only to its functional characteristics, but also to its pricing. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford buying a new version of pad from the top line, for example, so manufacturers of various gadgets try to orientate their work on average customer. Asus company has recently introduced a budgetary model Transformer Pad TF300T to counterbalance its advanced pad Transformer Prime TF201. The launch of this model couldn’t but please the devotees of Asus products.

General Peculiarities

Design of the new model does not differ too much from that of Transformer Prime TF201 and in some way copies it. Buttons and sockets localization concurs with the localization in a more expensive predecessor. …

Galax Shows One of the Tiniest External Video Cards Enclosures Holding GeForce GTX 1060

During the last Computex event, the Galax vendor exhibited its external graphics card version. As distinguished from most other manufacturers, showing dock stations for GPUs, Galax displayed the ready-assembled device, which is so small that you can take it to be a mini PC.

The product is called Galax SNPR External Graphics Card Enclosure. It has already been equipped with the GeForce GTX 1060 graphics accelerator, which is more likely than not built on a special printed circuit board with the express aim of being utilized in such a dock unit.

To minimize the ready-made solution dimensions to the greatest possible extent Galaxy elected not to install an internal power supply. The product is powered by a 45 W outer unit. On the back side of SNPR External Graphics Card Enclosure one can notice DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort connectors, alongside with Thunderbolt 3, enabling users to link this device to a computer. On the front panel there’s a power button, which indicates when …
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