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Chassis Gigabyte Luxo X10 Review

Gigabyte developers aren't beat up by a variety of product lines and the necessity to compete with multiple rivals. Their hard work results in a large number of hardware items enjoyed by millions of customers throughout the world. Moreover, Gigabyte has assured to provide high-quality products at an appropriate price. PC chassis Luxo X10 is a bright example of a correlation scheme 'accessible luxury', which is displayed in the implementation of up-dated technologies and absolutely optimal price.


Gigabyte Luxo X10 is characterized by the following specifications:
— employed form-factor: ATX (mid-tower), 180x430x480 dimensions;
— supported motherboards: micro-ATX, ATX;
— compatibility: PSUs up to 295 mm, graphics cards up to 295 mm in length, CPU coolers up to 160 mm in height;
— external ports: two 3.5 mm slots, a single USB 2.0 and a single USB 3.0;
— drive bays and slots: 7 expansion slots, 4 external bays for 5.25-inch drives, 4 internal bays for 3.5-inch drives, one internal bay for 2.5-inch drive;
— fans: three nominal fans (120 mm), six bays for additional fans;
— delivery set: a set of screws, a set of couplings, an extender-lookalike.


1. Front panel. Luxo X10 has got a rather ascetic design, if taking into account the fact that Gigabyte positions this chassis as gaming. The predominant color gamut is black-and-red, though red inclusions are not vivid. The upper part of the panel accommodates LED indicators, control keys (Reset and Power) and interface sockets. The central part is dedicated to the external 5.25-inch drives; the lower part of the panel is notable only by two red LEDs that are powered from a separate MOLEX 8981 socket.

2. Rear and top panels. The rear panel accommodates one black 120 mm fan with black impellers and 3-pin socket. The top panel houses two red fans to comply with the general stylistics.

3. Lower panel. The lower panel is notable by the availability of a frame for an anti-dust filter (but does not contain this filter). In addition, this area features a long perforated zone and vibration-proof stands.

Internal Layout

Gigabyte Luxo X10 is distinguished by an unusual internal layout. Its left-side panel is totally blind, while its right-side panel features a large number of ventilation grids. This chassis model is characterized by lower part PSU localization, with dual-position installation mode: with the upper and lower fan direction. All compatible motherboards are installed head over heels, that is considered to be quite infrequent; this means the board is hung on the other plate and turned to 180 degrees.

All internal and external drives are installed without any supplementary tools. Instead, the manufacturer stipulated the employment of dedicated quick-detachable fixtures in combination with anti-vibratory paddings. The bottom part of the casing contains footprints for the integration of SSD or other 2.5-inch drives.

Top fans are connected to 4-contact power sockets to provide for an efficient airflow to the hard drives' area. One more PATA power socket is used for lighting. There are no speed controllers or speed switches stipulated for the fans. The rear fan has got a standard 3-contact power socket to be connected to the motherboard. Its localization is conditioned by the CPU cooler's placement. The user is given a chance to enforce the cooling system by adding some other fans: one more 120 mm fan to the rear panel, one 120 mm/140 mm fan to the front panel, two more 120 mm fans to the top panel, and a pair of 120 mm/140 mm fans to the side panel.

Motherboard tray is located on the internal side of the left-side panel. A large groove under the CPU socket allows the user to mount and demount the cooler without the need of removing the board. However, it's highly advisable to the install the board prior to the installation of all other components.
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  • 14 December 2012, 19:19
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