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Floe Riing RGB 280 TT Premium Edition Latest Reviewing

Floe Riing RGB 280 TT Premium EditionThe Floe Riing RGB 280 TT Premium Edition is the world’s first 16.8 million colors liquid CPU cooler with two 140mm Riing Plus RGB fans and a LED waterblock. This cooler series features its extraordinary performance and superior quality. 
Main Specifications
Compatibility - Intel LGA 2066/2011-3/2011/1366/1156/1155/1151/1150
Water Block Material - Copper
Pump  Rated Voltage - 12 V/ 5V
Rated Current - 0.325 A / 0.4A
Motor Speed - 3600 R.P.M
Fan Dimension - 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Speed - 500~1400RPM
Noise Level - 19.8 ~ 27.2 dB-A
Rated Voltage - 12 V
Max. Air Flow - 22.57 ~ 63.19 CFM
Max. Pressure - 0.20~1.53 mm-H2O
Connector - 9 pin
Tube Length - 326 mm
Material - Rubber
Radiator Dimension - 280 x 120 x 27 mm
Weight - 1550g
Packaging and Outer Appearance
A liquid cooling system is supplied in a colorful box made of corrugated cardboard, on the external planes of which is depicted not only the product itself, but its description, some features and technical characteristics are listed and a little bit about the software and modes of lighting. To protect and distribute parts cardboard covers and plastic bags are used. The soleplate of the heat sink and the thermal paste are protected with a cover made of transparent plastic.
Inside there is a radiator with a connected pump, fans, a set of fasteners, a controller and cables for it, as well as an installation manual and warranty.
The company's website has a full description of the cooler and links to PDF-files with instructions.
The system is sealed, tucked in, and ready for using. The pump is integrated in one unit with a heat sink. The soleplate of the heat sink directly adjacent to the processor cover is a copper plate. Its outer surface has a finely smoothed concentric groove, as if it was threaded on a lathe and lightly polished. To the center, the surface is convex with a drop of about 0.5 mm.
The pump body is made of solid black plastic. On top, the pump is closed with a cap-cap made of less durable black plastic with a matte surface. On the upper plane of this cover there are insets of translucent dairy plastic forming a ring, a logo and the name of company.
These inserts are illuminated from within by a multicolor backlight consisting of six independent zones (apparently, RGB-LEDs with addressing arranged in a circle are used).
Note that the pump has bayonet fasteners, which are used by a number of manufacturers of cooling systems. The diameter of the pump along the projecting lugs of the bayonet is 72 mm, and the height from the soleplate of the heat sink is 44 mm. The length of the cable to the fan connector on the motherboard is 28.5 cm, and the cable in the plastic braid that the pump connects to the controller is 88 cm. Note that the braid has rubber-like impregnation, so the cable clings to it for everything. The hoses are 30.5 cm long, the outer diameter of the hoses is about 11 mm. Plastic braiding hoses are without impregnation, but still they are not very slippery.
Close View
L-shaped fittings at the entrance to the pump are rotated and facilitate the installation of the system. The radiator is made of aluminum and has a matt black finish on the outside that is not very resistant. Dimensions of the radiator are 312.5 × 140 × 27 mm.
The fan frame consists of two halves, which together clamp the light diffuser from white translucent plastic. The light diffuser is visible both from the outside and from the inside, while it still protrudes into the rim of the fan. 12 light-emitting diodes are mounted in the light diffuser with equal pitch. In the corners of the fan frame lining of elastic plastic is glued. In the uncompressed state, the lining protrudes approximately 0.5 mm. According to the developers, this should ensure the vibration of the fan from the attachment point. However, if we calculate the mass ratio of the fan to the stiffness of the lining, it becomes clear that the resonant frequency of the design is very high, that is, there is practically no effective vibration isolation.
Cables from the fan are enclosed in a woven shell. According to the legend, the shell reduces aerodynamic resistance, but taking into account the thickness of even two flat four-wire cables inside this shell and its outer diameter, we doubt the veracity of this legend. The shell is impregnated with some composition resembling rubber, so it is relatively stiff and resilient, and for everything clings, pulling the cable in such a shell inside the body is not an easy task. However, the shell will preserve the uniform style of decorating the interior of the system unit. The length of the cables is as much as 90.5 cm. The fans support the PWM control.
The height of the fan frame is 25.5 mm. Dimensions of the frame - 140 to 140 mm. The maximum thickness of the radiator with fixed fans is 56 mm. The system assembled with fasteners for LGA 2011 has a mass of 1357 g. Note that, if desired, another pair of fans can be installed on the radiator on the other side, and if they are from the same series, they can be managed with the controller from the kit in which the two connectors remain unused.
Fasteners are made mainly of hardened steel and have a durable galvanic coating. The frame on the back of the motherboard is made of plastic, however, the threaded holes in its moving inserts at the corners are still in metal sleeves. Note that nuts with a notch have a relatively large diameter, so you can safely twist them without using a screwdriver. Racks are hexagonal, which is also convenient when installing and removing the water block.
Controlling the operation of the fans and lighting the fans and the pump is done with the help of a controller. It is a black plastic box measuring 75 by 65 by 20 mm.
Control of fans and pump illumination are carried out using the software Riing Plus RGB Tt Premium Edition, running under Windows version 7 and higher. This program should be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. In the program window there are three control panels in the foreground and two in the background. The latter moving to the foreground when the focus is changed.
The user can manually control the fan speed (changing the duty ratio of the PWM), or can switch on one of two automatic modes (quiet and productive), in which the rotation speed will increase with the temperature of the processor. Also, the user can control the lighting of fans and pumps: select one of the options for static or dynamic modes, backlight can be turned on/off, change the speed for dynamic modes, and depending on the mode, set the overall color or color of each LED of 12 for fans and 6 for the pump. Among the modes there is the option of binding the flashing of the backlight to the sound source. The backlight mode can be copied from the adjacent panel, and you can also save the modes of all panels in the selected profile. Note that the saved operating modes are also stored in the non-volatile memory of the controller and are activated even without connecting the controller to the motherboard and without running software. When the fan stops or can not be detected, a warning message appears on the panel.
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