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Corsair Outs H105 CPU Liquid Cooler from Hydro Series

Corsair is glad to announce an official release of a new CPU liquid cooler from Hydro series. Entitled H105, the greenhorn is remarkable by easy mounting without any tools and by absence of need in maintenance. Both models are compatible with the majority of latter-day platforms, embracing AMD Socket AM2, AM3, FM1, and FM2, as well as Intel LGA 2011, 1150, 1155, 1156, and 1366.

Corsair Hydro Series H105 consists of a massive heatsink (272.5x120x38 mm dimensions), a small-sized waterblock with a copper plate and micro-channels, and a pair of low-noise fans. The augmentation of heatsink thickness from 27 to 38 mm resulted in the widening of heat dissipation area. The waterblock is furnished with a bright backlight.

Two 120 mm SP120L fans feature 120x120x25 mm dimensions. Their rotational speed is adjusted by means of PWM technology, relying on CPU temperature. Hence, they operate in a quite extensive rotational range: 800-2700 RPM. Their maximal airflow achieves the margin …

Power Supply Unit OCZ ZX-1250 Review

The employment of high-end power supply units will not lose its topicality for a long time. This fact can be explained by the development of ever powerful components which require reliable and solid PSU to support their operation. OCZ company perfectly understands the current tendencies and tries to meet the heightened requirements by designing high-end, reliable and steadfast PSUs. Its ZX-1250 is considered to be the most powerful model in the available line of products, so it will be a perfect supporter for gamers and just enthusiasts willing to 'extract' more from their PCs.


The basic peculiarity of OCZ ZX-1250 is its entirely modular framework. This serves the identifying feature, separating this model from other products. Modular construction presupposes the possibility to toggle off absolutely all cables along with the main, 24-wire ATX power cable. Such framework will be met with approval by those customers who got used to move their PC from one place to …

Graphics Card Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 670 HerculeZ 3000 Review

High-end graphics cards segment is represented by a line of outstanding, catchy and inspiring products. Each manufacturer tries to add some unique traits to its creation with the aim to engage as many customers. Nominal model GeForce GTX 670 has become a reliable base for many graphics cards. Nevertheless, Inno3D implemented in this base an advanced cooling system with a bright name iChill HerculeZ. Still, this is not the only attractive feature, since the card is able to offer a number of other unmatched options.

Design and Integration

Design is what singles out Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 670 HerculeZ 3000 from other graphics cards in high-end segment. Its voluminous cooling system that consists of three large fans, its height that equals to three expansion slots, and its ornamental metallic elements with huge screws speak of grandeur and reliability. The overall length of the card achieves 29 cm. Large heatsink covers all basic components of the printed circuit board. The …

USB display adapters, lista de fabricantes

Nesta páxina podes atopar unha lista de fabricantes USB display adapters controladores pode descargar na nosa web. Para o mellor buscar un controlador axeitado para fóra de 944069 dispoñibles na nosa base de datos, seleccione o fabricante dos seus USB display adapters de 1 presentados nesta sección.

DevID : : USB display adapters

A pesar do enorme progreso no desenvolvemento de fabricantes de PC en todas as partes están en ningunha présa para integrar os seus produtos coa cámara web. Por mor da crecente popularidade de vídeo en liña aplicacións, a demanda de tales dispositivos aumenta exponencialmente. Isto é debido á súa portabilidade, deseño elegante e universal compatibilidade con tanto de escritorio e móbil, ordenadores, grazas ao apoio da interface USB.

Para instalar unha cámara web en un ordenador, mesmo un novato usuario. Para este efecto, é necesario conectarse á libre de alta velocidade porto e instalar os controladores para USB vídeo dispositivo. Na maioría dos casos, os fabricantes ofrecen software propietario, se é falta, ten que condutores sempre pode atopar en Internet.

Co fin de comezar a traballar con unha webcam (ou outro dispositivo de vídeo), a primeira cousa que o PC precisa para detecta-lo. Para comprobar que o sistema ve o novo hardware, na sección "Escáneres e cámaras" no menú principal. Así como o sistema detecta o dispositivo, ábrese unha xanela que requiran a instalación do sistema operativo compatible condutores. Despois da instalación, na pantalla aparece unha especial utilidade, que pode iniciar a cámara.

Se a web Cam (outros equipos de vídeo) instalado/construída, pero o ordenador non pode detecta-lo, pode ter que actualizar o software e descargar controlador para USB vídeo dispositivo. Paga a pena considerar que, ás veces, despois de actualizar ten que re-configurar os axustes da imaxe (para axustar a nitidez, reprodución de cor, etc.), desde o sistema redefine todas as opcións anteriores.

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