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Evga Expands SuperNova T2 Series of High-Wattage PSUs

Evga has added to its sensational SuperNova 1600 T2 power supply unit a triplet of high-wattage models of 750 W, 850 W & 1000 W power. All of them correspond to 80Plus Titanium standard thanks to quite high efficiency level (up to 96% in 230 V networks). Moreover, the new-comers are backed by a 10-year’s limited warranty that vindicates unprecedented reliability of the asset.

Evga SuperNova T2 units come equipped with high-profile Japanese capacitors and a single +12V rail. The latter ensures that the models could stand tough loading, close to par: 748.8 W at 62.4 A, 849.6 W at 70.8 A and 999.6 W at 83.3 A respectively. The triplet is cooled down by a 140-mm fan based on dual ball bearings; on low loading the fan deactivates to provide for optimal noise level.

Similar to other advanced solutions, the greenhorns are packed with all innovative protection mechanisms, including overcurrent, overheating, overloading & short circuit tools. The list of integrated connectors features:
— Evga SuperNova T2 750/850 W: one ATX, two EPS (4+4)-pin, ten SATA Power, four Molex, four PCIe Power (6+2)-pin, two PCIe Power 6-pin, and one FDD Power;
— Evga SuperNova T2 1000 W: one ATX, two EPS (4+4)-pin, twelve SATA Power, six Molex 4-pin, six PCIe Power (6+2)-pin, two PCIe Power 6-pin, and a single FDD Power;

Pricing is set at $220, $240 and $280 for the 750-watt, 850-watt & 1000-watt models respectively.
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  • 13 January 2016, 14:51
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