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CPU Cooling System Scythe Mugen 3 Rev. B PCGH Edition Review

With the appearance of ever mighty CPUs that demonstrate utmost performance and overclocking properties, the call for powerful cooling systems has become rather acute. It is explained by the necessity to efficiently manage high temperatures and save the system from overheating, and as a result, from malfunctioning. At the same time, customers became more demanding as for the noise level of coolers. That is why, many companies try to comply with the prevailing tendencies by delivering low-noise and high-efficient products. CPU cooler Scythe Mugen 3 Rev. B PCGH Edition is ready to offer all required facilities to be implemented in high-end computer systems.

General Framework Peculiarities

The postfix PCGH Edition in the codename of this CPU cooling system implies the employment of two fans in the framework. The basic technological peculiarity of this model is that both fans are rotated at constant speed (800 rpm), as compared to the one-fan systems where rotational speed can be manually or automatically modified. The benefit in such approach is seen in the possibility to use as two fans simultaneously, or activate only a single fan if the CPU heat dissipation is moderate. Moreover, the consumer is able to involve only radiator, disabling both fans, when the CPU loading is minimal.

Effective heat dissipation is the responsibility of six copper heat pipes which are located in staggered rows. This improves the airflow and dissipation activities. All heat pipes have got metallic caps, designed specifically by Scythe professionals. The integrated copper radiator is covered by nickel alloy with the purpose to avoid oxidation. Its surface is smooth and mirror-like, and that is quite important for good heat management.

Fans are fixed to the frame by means of wired bails; the fans have standard perforations to be fixed with the system. They are based on sleeve bearing and accommodate 3-contact power socket. There is a feasibility to remove the nominal fans and install some other 120 mm models. It should be noted that the integrated fans (Scythe SY1225SL12L) belong to the low-speed products; this makes them rather quiet. Despite this fact, they are capable to provide an appropriate airflow and cooling facilities.

The initial delivery set of Scythe Mugen 3 Rev. B PCGH Edition is distinguished by the availability of components necessary for the installation into all supported platforms. Thus, the user will find four wired bails, universal backplate F.M.S.B.4, screws kit, and metallic fixing elements for Intel and AMD platforms.

Technical Peculiarities

Cooling system Scythe Mugen 3 Rev. B PCGH Edition features 130x132x158 mm dimensions and weighs 942 g. It supports the majority of Intel and AMD CPU sockets: Intel (LGA 2011, LGA 1366, LGA 1155, LGA 1156, and LGA 775), AMD (FM1, AM3, AM3+, AM2, AM2+). Fans are powered according to 12V scheme; the maximal noise level approximates 10.7 dB. The manufacturer delivers its cooler with 2-years limited warranty.


User guidelines on cooling system installation can be found at the manufacturer's website. There are a few discrepancies in the process when installing the cooler into Intel and AMD platform. Intel platform requires that the consumer employed plates with wide perforations. The nominal backplate is installed on the reverse side; it is fixed by rubber washers from the frontal side. Further on, it's necessary to fix the radiator with the help of screws. The final step is fixing fans by means of wired bails.

AMD platform requires the employment of quite different brackets which are notable for the ready-made fretwork. This saves the customer from the need to employ fixing screws. All further steps in installation should be preserved.

Each user should note that this cooling system, due to its dimensions, will take a few memory slots on the motherboard; this can complicate their swapping.


Testing process has been conducted with the involvement of previous model from Scythe, Mugen 3. Hence, as compared with the predecessor, Rev. B PCGH Edition model proves to show better performance results and better heat dissipation properties. In addition, Mugen 3 was quite noisy when operating on maximal rotations per minute. The new version saves customers from noise thanks to low-speed fans.
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  • 05 September 2012, 11:52
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