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Platinum PSU FSP Aurum 92+ 650W Review

Up-to-date power supply units are able to achieve 80-90% efficiency due to 80 Plus standard. The integration of this standard provides for better power-saving facilities, heat level and noise level. Still, some customers give preference to performance rather than energy saving; thus PSUs from FSP will become the most wise solution for such people. Last year FSP introduced Aurum series and today the company expands the line with a new model — Aurum 92+. The model is represented so far with a single power variation – 650W, and corresponds to 80 Plus Platinum requirements.

General Peculiarities

Correspondence to Platinum standards implies that FSP Aurum 92+ unit should demonstrate not less than 91% nominal efficiency, 90% efficiency at 20 percent loading, and 94% efficiency at 50 percent loading. Testing results prove the claimed characteristics, making this model a desirable high-end acquirement. Aurum 92+ is delivered in a standard cardbox that contains FSP logo …

Seagate Backup Plus to Protect the Digital Media Content

A new set of customer repositories has been recently introduced by the Seagate, a global hard drive manufacturer. The new product offers an innovative approach towards file storage as well as a completely fresh technology of backup from the social networks. Seagate Backup Plus is called to ensure several operations at once: unpretentious installation, ‘single click’ backup activity and capability to store and publish the media content from Facebook and Flickr services.

Backup Plus is the first external hard drive that provides customers with the possibilities to store all content from social networks in one place, without the fear of file loss. This hard drive enables quick and efficient backup of photo copies and secures all quality standards without the minimal damages. The new set of repositories looks rather stylish and goes in blue, red, black and silver color gamut. It comes with USB 3.0 cable and is capable to work with other adapters such as Thunderbolt and …

Features of Models AMD Athlon II X4 (FM2)

Like Intel, AMD Company is not protected to the release of a large number of faulty processors, which are eliminated at the stage of laboratory tests. Some have a non-working cache (or part thereof), other — x86-cores, and others — a graphics block, and a fourth — a weak memory controller. According to this, there are releases of less productive CPU, but working with a moderate price tag. About unlocking cores / cache in AMD processors users probably know firsthand.

As the saturation of the defective inventory APU Trinity platform FM2, AMD will decide on the mass production of new models of AMD Athlon II X4. They will be easily distinguished from its predecessors on the number of the form 7xx.

Integrated Graphics Radeon VLIW4, of course, will be disabled. Frequency will be slightly reduced for marketing purposes. Overclocker devotees will primarily be interested in quad-core Athlon II X4 750K of free factor. The operating frequency of the model — 3.4 GHz, cache …
हम नहीं मिल सकता है, एक ड्राइवर


अपने डेटाबेस में ड्राइवरों की है ।

तुम थे करने की कोशिश कर रहा एक चालक का पता लगाएं PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3582&CC_0300 लेकिन खोज नहीं दिया गया है, वांछित परिणाम? निराशा नहीं है, यह हो सकता है कई कारणों के लिए. इस मुद्दे को हल करने के लिए प्रयास करें, निम्न चरणों का पालन:

  1. वर्तनी की जाँच के लिए डिवाइस आईडी.
  2. बदलने के लिए प्रयास करें, अपनी खोज क्वेरी या खोज के द्वारा डिवाइस का नाम (हटाने SUBSYS और रेव मान).
  3. डाउनलोड DevID एजेंट स्वचालित ड्राइवर अद्यतन.

आप भी पूछ सकते हैं ढूँढने में मदद के लिए ड्राइवर PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3582&CC_0300 हमारे समूह में सामाजिक नेटवर्क में VKontakteहै ।

यदि उपरोक्त कदम नहीं था मदद के लिए खोज में आवश्यक ड्राइवर है, तो कृपया हमसे संपर्क करें द्वारा ई-मेल और हम आपके अनुरोध पर विचार करेंगे एक शीघ्र तरीके से.

ईमानदारी से, साइट प्रशासन DevID.infoहै ।