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LG Introduces Cinema 4K 31MU97 PC Monitor

Graphic designers, photo editors and fans of prime-quality imaging are now pleased by the future release of a new professional PC monitor from LG, codenamed 31MU97. The model belongs to Cinema 4K generation, providing for the best viewing/work experience. It is based on 31-inch IPS panel with 17:9 aspect ratio and features an industry-leading Digital Cinema 4K 4096x2160 pixels resolution. The release date will be announced shortly.

LG 31MU97 boasts 97% color gamut in DCI-P3 environment and up to 99.5% gamut in Adobe RGB environment. In order to cover the most colors, the display employs 10-bit presentation. The integrated IPS panel ensures the widest viewing angles (178 degrees H/V) and the highest dynamic contrast – 1M:1. In addition, a large screen area allows users to include more tools and several windows into the working area.

To continue, this monitor is equipped with a pair of exclusive utilities. The first one, Dual Color Space, enables simultaneous display of two …

Air-Cooler Evercool Silent Shark Review

Evercool has been conquering the market of cooling components and wholesome systems for almost twenty years already. Its arsenal basically consists of models targeting entry-level and budgetary segment. However, the company has lately introduced a range of high-quality products which can be applied in powerful PC systems. Air-cooler Silent Shark is an atypical representative of Evercool’s product line, if viewed from price and layout respect. It enjoys at least one unique feature, as well as a bunch of standard ones, the combination of which gives durability, efficiency, and power.

Framework Peculiarities

Evercool Silent Shark features quite impressive dimensions: 165 mm (h) x 140 mm (w) x 166 mm (l). The framework itself contains a two-section aluminum heatsink, six copper heat pipes that pierce a copper base, a plastic lid, and two powerful fans. One of the fans is located between the sections, while the other – at one of the external heatsink faces. Each section …

Jonsbo Introduces the CR-601 RGB Tower-Type Processor Cooler

Jonsbo, the Chinese PC cases and cooling systems vendor, is going to delight customers with its new product soon. What is meant here is a tower-type CPU cooler under the CR-601 RGB code name.

As the name tells us, the novelty has the 256-color RGB LED-backlighting. Its construction features an aluminum base, an array of aluminum fins, four 6 mm thick copper heat tubes, ensuring direct contact with the CPU cover, and a 120 mm fan.

The fan, supporting the PWM function, rotates in the range of 800–1,500 RPM, producing noise of around 17.5–31.2 dBA. The specialty can endure thermal loads of up to 130 W.

Jonsbo CR-601 RGB, weighing 650 g, is 122 mm long, 75 mm wide and 158 mm high. It’s compatible with Intel LGA775, LGA115x, AMD AM2(+), AM3(+), AM4, FM1 and FM2(+) processor platforms. The manufacturer didn't speak a word about pricing.
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