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Netgear ReadyNAS Duo v2 Review

Netgear, a global manufacturer of network storage solutions, frequently replenishes its high-end and middle-class products (or modifies the older ones) with new models. Nevertheless, its budgetary NAS lineup gladdens the average customers not so often. In this light, the company decided to upgrade its Netgear ReadyNAS Duo model to v2 version, implementing more efficient hardware and performance solutions. Thus, the new model has got a new ARM platform, a couple of USB 3.0 sockets, and the possibility to furnish NAS with 1TB disks or buy already complete version.


Netgear ReadyNAS Duo v2 design resembles the template of its renowned predecessor. Its dimensions equal to 222x142x101 mm. The casing is made of metal and the clipboard is given bronze coloring; it is based on four solid rubbered stands that promote for the products steadiness. The clipboard has got a grid-like lid and dedicated bays for the winchester installation. Startup button with the integrated …

Lian Li PC-B12 - Aluminum chassis for silence devotees

Lian Li engineers have decided to diversify the range of branded chassis with “quiet” PC-B12. This Mid-Tower model is designed in such a way as to minimize the noise coming from the system unit. To do this, the anterior wall of the chassis is made solid and in construction added the cover for the rear fan, included damping pad for hard drives and fans, as well as 'soft' feet, on which the hull stands.

Lian Li PC-B12 is currently available only in black version. Its dimensions are 498 (L) x 210 (W) x 472 (H) mm, weight — 6.4 kg. Inside can be placed the motherboard form factor ATX or microATX, a maximum of 8 cards PCI-E expansion up to 360 mm, the CPU cooler up to 160 mm, power supply, three hard disk format 3.5 «and one 2.5». The pair of «external» 5.25-inch bays should as well be considered.

New model doesn’t have vent on the front panel; it is migrated to the lower bound of the chassis and serves two 140 mm fan located opposite basket for storage. Blow-out …

Power Supply Unit OCZ ZX-1250 Review

The employment of high-end power supply units will not lose its topicality for a long time. This fact can be explained by the development of ever powerful components which require reliable and solid PSU to support their operation. OCZ company perfectly understands the current tendencies and tries to meet the heightened requirements by designing high-end, reliable and steadfast PSUs. Its ZX-1250 is considered to be the most powerful model in the available line of products, so it will be a perfect supporter for gamers and just enthusiasts willing to 'extract' more from their PCs.


The basic peculiarity of OCZ ZX-1250 is its entirely modular framework. This serves the identifying feature, separating this model from other products. Modular construction presupposes the possibility to toggle off absolutely all cables along with the main, 24-wire ATX power cable. Such framework will be met with approval by those customers who got used to move their PC from one place to …
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