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Cooler Master introduces power supply unit Silent Pro Platinum in denomination of 1000 and 550

The official website of Cooler Master describes detailed characteristics of the first PSU of
Silent Pro Platinum series. According to the statements, the contractor Enhance Electronics
has developed models with capacity of 550 and 1000 W. Their system effectiveness measure
(90% to 94% with 230v) distinguishes them among other offers. These measures also guarantee
moderate heat excretion.

Senior kilowatt power supply unit provides a supply of up to 984 watts of power on the +12 V
line, the youngest – up to 540 W. 135-mm fan on the hydrodynamic bearing is respective for the
cooling of both the representatives of the Silent Pro Platinum line.

In the composition of power sources heat-resistant capacitors made in Japan, the transformer
LP9, aluminum radiators, double EMI filter and active power factor correction mechanism
are used. Cooler Master reports about the possibility of constructing chords 4-Way SLI and
CrossFireX (with Silent Pro Platinum 1000W) and support of ATX12V v2.3 standard.

A set of power cables in kilowatt power supply includes: FDD, 5x Molex 4-pin, 12x SATA, 6x
PCI-E (6 +2)-pin, 2x EPS12V (4 +4)-pin, 24-pin ATX. The hull of the unit has 3-pin slots to
connect fans (7v). Silent Pro Platinum 550W has one EPS12V, four PCI-E to the (6+2) contacts,
and nine SATA Power; the cables and connectors are the same as in 1000-watt version.

Prices for these products will be announced later.
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  • 13 July 2012, 17:27
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