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SilverStone Unveils Raven RVX01 Enthusiast-Oriented Chassis

SilverStone Technology is about to release its newest PC case that supplemented an outstanding Raven Series. Targeting advanced PC builders & enthusiasts, the Raven RVX01 features 500x215x485 mm dimensions and differs by an offbeat all-black chassis design with the employment of high-quality Japanese steel and plastic. The customers will be able to choose the modification with blind side panels and with a windowed side panel (acrylic glass). Pricing is set at $92 and $100 correspondingly.

SilverStone Raven RVX01 offers a nontrivial localization of all components. For instance, it presupposes the installation of the motherboard (mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX) in quadrature. Therewith, graphics cards and PSU are located in the top section of the chassis, while all the drives found their places in the bottom section. Such layout is called to optimize airflow.

The model is ready to welcome graphics cards of 348 mm in length, CPU coolers of 162 mm in height, ATX-compatible power supply units, four 3.5-/2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs as well as seven PCI expansion cards. The top-localized I/O panel accommodates a couple of USB 3.0 ports and the same number of audio in/outputs.

The case is cooled down by three pre-installed fans – Air Predator – installed in the bottom section. They rotate at 1200 RPM speed, while their noise level does not exceed 19.7 dB. Optionally, the user might install two more fans on the front and top panels.
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  • 21 October 2015, 16:52
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