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Biostar G330 SSD Drives Are Compatible with Desktop PCs, Laptops and Ultrabooks

The Biostar Co. has announced SSD drives of the G330 Series, which are compatible with desktops, standard notebooks, as well as ultrabooks, operated by Windows, macOS and Linux.

These storage devices are performed in the 2.5-inch form factor. The case is 6.8 mm in thickness.The specialties by Biostar are manufactured with the use of 3D TLC NAND flash memory microchips from Micron and the SMI 2258 controller. The default Serial ATA 3.0 interface allows to connect the SSD to the computer.

The Biostar G330 line incorporates samples of 128, 256 and 512 GB capacity. The read response time claimed equals to 560 MB/sec (in the minor version) and 565 MB/sec (in the two other versions). The ultimate writing speed is 500 MB/sec and 515 MB/sec respectively.

The 128 GB Biostar G330 SSD costs $60. The models of 256 and 512 GB capacity will be available at the price of $100 and $170.

Bitfenix Portal


If you have ever dreamed about massive, attractive case with stunning technological potential, I’m happy to congratulate you with one more step closer to your dreams come true. This may be the Bitfenix Portal. It is a big smаrt chаssis inspіred by Valve's Pоrtal gаme series. Bitfenix cases have always been an example of a good quality and interesting design. And they still are. They have started challenging the conventional way of building cases even more than earlier. Today I would like to introduce to you an ultrafashionable Bitfenix Portal case. And, as usual, we are starting with Packaging and Contents.

Packaging and Contents

The Bitfenix Portal is already bought and must be delivered in a minute or two. When it is finally here, we can see a cоmpаct cardbоard bоx with an imаge of bоth cаse vаriаnts on front.There is also infоrmatiоn abоut the mаin fеaturеs of the chаssis and some аdditional detаils on the oppоsite side of …

Preview of Intel Itanium 9500 Specifications

The Internet community is actively discussing new Intel's development, processors Poulson, that belongs to the tenth generation of Intel Itanium. All previous data about the upcoming product were vague and void of official proofs. Currently, the data are more ample and allow the community to study the future processor in more details. Thus, Intel Itanium 9500, codenamed Poulson, will be presented by four models the release of which is planned for early autumn.

The crystal of Poulson processor will consist of 3.1 billion transistors that are called to form eight computing cores. Each core counts up 89 million transistors and the pipeline width is doubled to twelve instructions. This way CPU developers implement more efficient approach towards transistor budget. Just for comparison purposes, Poulson's predecessor, Tukwila, counted 109 billion transistors per core.

To continue, Poulson CPUs will accommodate a couple of cache memory arrays, five channels of QPI bus, system …

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