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Google Unveils Some Facts about the New Brainchild Project Glass

One can hardly imagine a day without the news from the giant Google about its plans on development and upcoming acquirements. The company’s representatives have recently claimed about the initiation of the work on their new creation Google Project Glass. They also underlined that this project is of heightened importance for the company for the forthcoming future. The main information about the project is still shrouded in mystery, although certain facts about the future release have been highlighted.

Currently it is known beyond all doubt that the developers of Project Glass have already taken out a patent for their new product. This is an obligatory measure targeted at the prevention from the imitation by the competitors. In accordance with the existing patent, Google Project Glass is the universal device with the display for data projection. This device will be allegedly designed in the form of glasses and will have the integrated transceiver which will enable data reception and delivery, and sensor which will react on the user’s actions.

To continue, the illustrations attached to the patent for Project Glass outline not only the device in the form of glasses but also a headpiece. IT analysts assume that such info is indicative of the Google’s ambitions to enlarge its customer audience. The new Project Glass devices are prognosticated to be in high demand by special-purpose structures such as security control, law machinery and military forces.

The developers of Project Glass have also outlined the options integrated into the device targeted at people with visual disabilities. Among other illustrations ascribed to the patent, one outlines the glasses for eyesight with the built-in cell phone display and a sensor which identifies when the glasses are on or off.

Such prospects make us believe that the gadgets of future become real right now if Google takes action. The launch of Google Project Glass is called to strengthen the company’s position in IT market and get ahead of competitors.
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  • 21 May 2012, 13:05
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