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OCZ Announces the Release of Agility4

OCZ company representatives have proudly announced the release of their new SSD child of Agility 4 series. Agility4 series embraces four models which correspond to the 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB volume capacity parameters. Agility4 developers claim that their new series is the balance of performance, speed and reliability at the same time.

The new series is based on Indilinx Everest 2 controller and is equipped with SATA III interface. SSD Agility4 is built on flash-memory chips of MLC NAND type which are destined to sustain up to 2 million hours of fail-proof operability. These chips support TRIM and SMART technologies and are sure to involve ECC option to monitor and remove all detected errors. The other peculiar feature of Agility4 SSDs is the availability of DRAM cache-memory of 1 GB volume capacity. In addition, SSDs have an integrated option of automatic encoding according to AES algorithm.

It should be mentioned that each individual model in a series proves to show different performance and speed showings. Thus, the maximum reading speed of 64 GB model equals to 300 MB/s, and writing speed – 200 MB/s; 128 GB model demonstrates much better results with the reading speed of 400 MB/s and writing speed – 300 MB/s; the models with the largest volume capacity are able to achieve up to 400 MB/s as in reading so in writing mode.

Performance rates also differ a bit from model to model: the model with the smallest volume capacity of 64 GB reaches the maximum performance rates of 47000 IOPS on writing with random access in packages of 4 GB volume. The models with larger volume capacity are able to demonstrate up to 72000-85000 IOPS under the same conditions.

Power consumption tests demonstrate the following characteristics of Agility4 series: SSDs consume 2.5 W in working mode, and 1.3 W in standby mode. Those are rather efficient results taking into account SSD functionality. Upon the whole, the new product is called to win the potential customers by the durability and performance records.
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  • 01 June 2012, 15:28
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