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Cougar Intros Power-Saving PSU Series GX-S

Cougar has recently introduced a new power-saving PSU series codenamed GX-S. The series includes three high-efficiency models which meet the requirements of 80Plus Gold standard: GX-S 400W, GX-S 500W and GX-S 600W. Cougar promises that the products will be available in free sale already in early April. All three PSUs are housed in a black casing with golden logo and accommodate high-quality Japanese capacitors that ensure utmost performance and reliability.

Cougar GX-S series employs LLC technologies which are called to reduce the power loss on Off/On activities. The models also feature a power-saving framework to comply with Eco-Friendly EuP, ErP Lot6 and Energy Star 5.0 standards. Hence, the units consume less than 0.9W in ‘Off’ mode. Besides, GX-S units absolutely meet ATX12V specifications, support all novel (and future!) platforms on the basis of multi-core processors, as well as several graphics adapters with PCI-e 2.0 interface and 8-pin PCI-e connectors.

All three PSUs are known to support patented Cougar Vortex technology which provides for efficient cooling and low-noise operation due to an elaborated air inlet framework. This technology defines a special fan blade and frame construction, securing an amplified airflow and, as a result, an optimal cooling off. Thermal control option automatically adjusts fan rotational speed depending on the PSU temperature condition.

These power supply units are able to operate without any failures at the maximal loading on +40 degrees environment. Cougar has realized in its GX-S series an automatic load reallocation between +12V rails; this allows supplying power for CPU and GPU separately. If the customer does not employ all rails, PSU will automatically reallocate all power from unused rails. Such approach heightens the efficiency of +12V rails for the platforms with high-end graphics cards, employing SLI and CrossFire configurations.
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  • 05 March 2013, 13:36
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