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SilverStone Recommends the $83.7 Price for Its Compact Raven RVZ03 Novelty

The SilverStone RVZ01-E model has been further developed into the compact Raven RVZ03 (SST-RVZ03B) sample with the awesome appearance due to its full-colour backlighting.

The new chassis holds a mini-DTX or a mini-ITX system card, an ATX power supply unit and up to four 2.5-inch drives. At the same time, it offers enough space for 330 mm expansion cards (including those, taking two slots). The maximum allowable height of the CPU cooling device is equal to 83 mm, the power unit length – 150 mm. However, the manufacturer suggests using 140 mm (or shorter) power sources with modular wiring systems and flatform cables.

In this case, which can be oriented vertically or horizontally, two 120 mm fans with the 1,500 rpm rotary speed are already installed and the third one can be also mounted.

The I/O panel has a couple of USB 3.0 ports, as well as jacks for a mic and headphones. The case, costing 98 EUR, weighs 4.05 kg and possesses the 382 x 105 x 350 mm dimensions.

LG Unveils 24UD58-B 4K Monitor

The latest graphics findings made it possible to use a mainstream video card in 4K Ultra HD environment. LG has announced a 23.8-inch monitor with 4K resolution (3840x2160) that can be integrated within a standard PC system. The model features 16:9 aspect ratio & boasts the widest viewing angles – 178 degrees in both aspects. Nonetheless, its price makes up $349.99 only.

LG 24UD58-B is developed on IPS panel with 5 ms response time. It ensures the most efficient viewing conditions: 250 cd/m2 top brightness and outstanding contrast index. The support for AMD FreeSync technology allows for automatic adjustment of refresh rate in order to guarantee premium viewing level. The model typically consumes 23 W power.

The I/O panel accommodates a single DisplayPort 1.2 and two HDMI 2.0 ports. Besides, it’s possible to detach the display from the stand and apply it to the wall, thanks to 100x100 VESA bracket.

LG’s new monitor boasts a range of advanced elaborations. …

Noctua NH-D9L Review

So let’s review an alternative cooling system Noctua NH-D9L which is in many ways similar to the previously released Noctua NH-U9S. It is at least attractive because it is a miniature copy of Noctua NH-D15. But the question is: why was it needed to release two models with similar parameters and effectiveness in the 92mm fan cooler segment, which is not the most popular one.


Packaging is on the highest level traditional for Noctua. All the necessary information is presented on the box sides. The following components are included in addition to a radiator and a fan:

• reinforcement plate for Intel LGA115h sockets; • mounting studs for Intel LGA2011 and LGA 2011-3 sockets; • mounting feet and plastic stands for the Intel sockets; • mounting feet, plastic stands and screws for the AMD sockets; • knurled nuts to secure the feet on the Intel sockets; • additional brackets for mounting the second fan; • silicone gaskets for fans; • crosshead …
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