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AOC PDS271 Porsche Design Monitor - Is the Cooperation with the Famous Brand Justified?

The manufacturer of LCD displays AOC, as a rule, prefers simple, but rather elegant design of their monitors. The company is interested in attracting customers, for whom the appearance of image output devices is as important as the quality of the picture. Aiming to turn the attraction to the new products, AOC has arranged the cooperation with the design studio F. A. Porsche. Today we will get acquainted with the result of the of AOC and Studio F. A. Porsche specialists partnership. A new series of AOC PDS monitors, which included models PDS241 and PDS271 with a screen diagonal of 23.8 and 27 inches respectively.
The recommended prices for the new products are € 219 and € 299.
Specifications of AOC PDS271
Panel Type & Backlight - AH-IPS / W- LED, edge array
Screen Size & Aspect Ratio - 27" / 16:9
Max Resolution & Refresh - 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, Density - 81ppi
Native Color Depth & Gamut - 8-bit (6-bit+FRC) / DCI-P3
Response Time (GTG) - 4ms
Brightness - 250cd/m2
Contrast - 1000:1
Speakers – absent
Video Inputs - (1) HDMI 1.4
Audio - (1) 3.5mm out
USB – absent
Power Consumption - 18w, brightness @ 200nits
Panel Dimensions WxHxD w/base - 24.1 x 18 x 6.5" (612 x 457 x 165mm)
Panel ThicknessPanel Thickness - Panel - .2" / 5mm; Bulge - .8" / 20mm
Bezel Width - Top/sides - .3" / 7mm; Bottom - .8" / 20mm
Weight - 8.6lbs (3.9kg)
Warranty - 3 Years
Close View
The newcomers are unique, as the head of Studio F. A. Porsche, Henning Rieseler found it necessary to argue the approach of his employees to the design of AOC PDS. He said that
a monitor is just a screen in its purest form. In reality, this simplicity is disrupted by the usage of bulky supports and cables hanging from behind. The given series of monitors AOC PDS has a totally new and different approach to design. In particular, their stand is rather interesting and convenient at the same time: it seems like the cable "flows" out of the screen. This form gives the monitor an elegant and sophisticated look.
On the "tail" of the PDS271 there is an external power adapter combined with an HDMI extension. Other notable features of the PDS241/PDS271 are the exceptionally small width of the top and side edges of the screen, and the slim panel housing. The minimum thickness of the screen is only 5.2 mm.
Of course, design is a decisive advantage of AOC PDS241. However, the studio F.A. Porsche tried to make the appearance rather modest, so as not to distract the user from work.
As a result, AOC chose components that are quite typical for a business display. In particular, we can note the combination of black and silver colors. Therefore, monitors of the PDS family will perfectly fit into the usual office environment. The IPS panel with matte coating is an edge-to-edge type, so the frames are very narrow. But even after turning on the display they are only about 4 mm. Therefore, users can easily assemble a configuration with multiple monitors.
AOC for the PDS line has chosen the resolution of Full-HD, this step is due to the presence of thin panels only with Full-HD resolution. The thickness of the panel is clearly visible, it is worth looking at the PDS241 on the side. AOC chose a very thin and elegant design for the whole monitor, it can be called minimalist and functional.
If the monitor is not pushed against the wall, the interesting hinge of the stand fastening to the panel will attract attention. However, the original design does not neglect its main function. A little higher there is the AOC logo which is barely visible.
Under the panel, a silver strip with an aluminum finish stands out. On it you can see the chrome-plated AOC logo and the blue LED.
Attention to yourself attracts the base of the monitor, which exits the panel in the left third, then continues on the opposite side. This asymmetric design is different among most competitor monitors.
You will find no joystick. There is only one button which you need to press again and again.
In the main menu, pressing the button allows you to switch between the submenu items, in the submenu - between options. The selection of the desired item is carried out automatically, if you do not press the button for a few seconds. This approach can not be called very convenient. In addition, if you have to change for example, brightness, then you can only increase it. Thus, only after level 100 the user will find 0. If you miss the desirable level, you will have to rewind the entire scale, that requires a great amount of patience.
AOC PDS241 can be called a minimalist monitor in all respects, which sometimes speaks in its favor and sometimes does not.
The quality of the picture is convincing. The size of the diagonal corresponds well to the resolution, you do not have to resort to scaling. The IPS panel provides excellent contrast and wide viewing angles. The maximum brightness could be a bit higher for working in brightly lit rooms, but for most scenarios it will be enough. The uniformity of the backlight is excellent, it is difficult to notice the difference with the naked eye. The standard rendition of colors is rather cold and there is no possibility to change it. The accuracy of color reproduction and color coverage is quite impressive.
In addition, it consumes very little energy. But the price of the monitor, developed together with the studio F.A. Porsche is very sensible. But still it is a bit more expensive than usual monitors cost.
Advantages of AOC PDS271:
+Very stylish design
+Good picture quality
+Very low power consumption
-No panel height adjustment
-A meager set of interfaces
-Limited adjustment options in the menu
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  • 17 January 2018, 15:41
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