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PSU Chieftec BPS-650C2 Review

Chieftec, a renowned manufacturer of power supply units, has recently introduced a series of new PSUs, codenamed BPS, which included five different models. The two models differ from other items in color, dimensions, applied fans, and belonging to the lower PSU segment. The other three products belong to the high-end segment and own outstanding characteristics. Chieftec BPS-650C2 belongs to the high-end echelon that is confirmed as by its internal integration, so by general specifications.


PSU Chieftec BPS-650C2 employs modular system of cable connection and is notable by 650W of output power. The external design of the model did not outlive any dramatic changes, except for the availability of large stickers on the PSU casing. Quite the contrary, the integration has been given a completely new touch. BPS-650C2 is based on a new advanced platform developed by CWT. The manufacturer employed DC-DC converters for +3.3VDC and+5VDC channels. Those converters are …

Overview of the ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex Motherboard

The Apex model has not been represented among the products of the ROG Maximus series earlier. The specialists of the company considered the release of Kaby Lake-S processors as a good time for updating the assortment. Impact has been considered to be the best model for memory overclocking, and serious system loads has been carried out with the participation of senior representatives of the series like Extreme or Formula. In the novelty under consideration, these features are successfully united. It is worth noting, the price tag for such a product is quite humane, taking into accont the widest possible range of consumers is obvious.

Huge dimensions do not mean the presence of various kinds of auxiliary controllers. The design is more refined than complex. All the features are based on the Intel Z270, only two last-generation USB sockets on the rear panel are required due to the presence of a third-party adapter on the card.


Chipset: Intel Z270

The CR-301 RGB Cooler by Jonsbo Is Compatible with AMD and Intel Chipsets

The Jonsbo vendor has recently released the CR-301 RGB CPU Cooler, compatible with AMD and Intel chipsets. The solution can be used with AMD FM1, FM2, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+ chips alongside with Intel LGA 775, 1155/1156/1150/1151 processors. The ultimate value of heat energy dissipated is not to overcome 135 W.


The construction of this product features a two-section heatsink, the fins of which are located at right angle to the base, and six heat pipes (6 mm in diameter).


Jonsbo supplied its specialty with two 120 mm PWM-controlled fans with the 600–1,600 rpm rotary velocity. In the meanwhile, the noise level does not overcome 25 dBA. The cooler obtained multi-coloured backlighting, offering various operation modes.


CR-301 RGB has the 128 × 138 × 135 mm dimensions and weighs 890 g.
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