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Inno3D launches video cards iChill GTX 680/670 LCS

Hong Kong manufacturer of graphics cards Inno3D announced the delivery of two fresh products based on the base of the graphics core Nvidia GK104 and the original cooling system Arctic Accelero Hybrid, — iChill GTX 680 iChill GTX and LCS 670 LCS.

It should be noted that the models Inno3D iChiLL Black Series GeForce GTX 680 Accelero Hybrid and Inno3D iChiLL Black Series GeForce GTX 670 Accelero Hybrid withdrawal of excess heat is engaged in a hybrid cooler ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid. New models use NWO Danish contractor Asetek to cool the GPU. It includes a water block with copper base and a built-in pump, rubber tubes that extend to the radiator, and 120-mm fan with PWM speed control. Batteries and GDDR5 memory chips are covered with a flat radiator (PA plate) in black, which is blown by 80-mm fan attached to three slot casing.

Inno3D and Arctic promise significant improvement in temperature of CPU GK104, which made it possible to raise the frequency from 1006 (1058) / 6008 MHz to to 1100 (1155) / 6200 MHz for the GTX 680 and from 915 (980) / 6008 MHz to 1020 (1071) / 6200 MHz for the GTX 670. Recall, that there are more shader units in GeForce GTX than the GTX 670: 1536 vs. 1344 units.

Both cards are equipped with power connectors PCI-E Power for 6 and 8 contacts, interface PCI Express 3.0 x16 and video outputs DVI (2), DisplayPort and HDMI. The recommended price is not announced, but it supposed to be quite high, because the Arctic Accelero Hybrid by itself is worth of $180.
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  • 01 August 2012, 18:49
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