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HIS RX 460 4 GB Slim-iCooler OC Graphics Card with a Single-Slot Cooler

Welcome an extraordinary and a very interesting graphics adapter solution from HIS, namely the HIS RX 460 4 GB Slim-iCooler OC (HS-460R4TCNR). While most of competitive prototypes possess coolers with two slots, this sample is equipped with a single-slot cooling system. This highlighting moment lets HIS RX 460 4 GB Slim-iCooler OC occupy less place in a chassis.

The new product is based on the AMD Polaris 11 graphics engine and supports 896 streaming processors, 56 texture and 16 raster units. The GPU base clock matches the benchmark of 1090 MHz, and the dynamic frequency has increased from 1200 MHz to 1220 MHz. Video RAM encloses 4 GB GDDR5 chips with the 7000 MHz effective frequency and 128-bit bus, which goes in accordance with the reference scope of functionality.

The cooling system of HIS RX 460 4GB Slim-iCooler OC consists of a compact heatsink and an axial flow fan. The front-end interface set offers such ports as DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

Prime cost for Google Nexus 7 is supposed to be $ 151.75

Issuing of 7 Nexus is a major project for Google Company. It is aimed primarily at promoting

the Tablet PC and Android OS, and not on the extraction of direct financial benefits. This is

an investment in technology and in the future. According to preliminary data the prime cost of

Nexus 7 was about $184 in U.S. for an 8-gigabyte version at a retail price is about $ 200. And

this is without taking into account the costs of marketing and development.

But now a study is conducted by experts, they estimated the cost of an 8-gigabyte version of

the Nexus 7 to be $ 151.75. A 16-gigabyte model is estimated by experts at $ 159.25 prise,

the difference is the memory module. Thus, the younger version of the Tablet PC is almost

unprofitable for Google and its partner ASUS, small financial benefit has only a model with 16

GB of storage, its recommended retail price is $ 249.99.

A detailed list of prices for components of Nexus 7 is not listed. Still some prises are …

The Optix MAG27CQ Gaming Monitor from MSI Is Noticed on the European Dot Coms’ Shelves

The Micro-Star International vendor has announced the forthcoming market entry of its 27-inch Optix MAG27CQ gaming monitor, which is to become a real flagship in the Taiwan manufacturer’s product range.


The device is built on the curved VA panel, featuring the 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution and ensuring the 110 % coverage of the sRGB colour gamut. Among its peculiarities one may distinguish the high refresh rate and the AMD FreeSync technology support.


The MSI Optix MAG27CQ display has the 1,800 mm curvature radius, 250 cd/m² brightness and 3000:1 static contrast ratio. The ultimate refresh rate is 144 Hz, and the response time declared equals 1 ms. The novelty possesses standard (for VA panels) viewing angles, which are 178° in horizontal and vertical directions. An image source can be linked via HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI ports.


This latest gaming solution has already started to hit European Dot Coms’ …

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Driver name Texas Instruments Inc MTD
File name FlashMedia.rar
Vendor Texas Instruments Inc
Driver type MTD
Size 88.1 Kb
Driver Date 2006-02-20
Operating system 2000 XP W2k3
Upload 2009-05-25
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