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Kingston Launches KC300 SSDs with TCG Opal 1.0 Support

Kingston Digital Inc., an outstanding developer of memory and storage solutions, has recently launched its newest SSD series, which is totally compliant with Trusted Computing Group Opal 1.0 (hereinafter TCG). Codenamed KC300, the drives are mainly targeted the companies that are looking to upgrade and enhance their security systems. Among others, these SSDs support such options as password recovery, automatic update, automatic encoding (AES 128-bit), creation/removal of clients, registration according to certain criteria, management of settings and data.

Kingston KC300 are designed in 2.5-inch form-factor and incorporate SATA III interface (backwards compatibility with SATA II). The list of available items includes models of 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB, and 480 GB capacity. All of them are based on SandForce SF2281 controller and are estimated for 1 million hours of foolproof operation. To vindicate such longevity, Kingston offers 3-year’s limited warranty and free technical support.

To continue, new solid-state drives with TCG certificate are thought to support the most wide-spread corporate management applications, including Wave Embassy, WinMagic SecureDoc, and McAfee Endpoint for PC. Due to this, each company is able to optimize the drive in compliance with particular needs of individual local networks and security systems. These SSDs are able to work within wide ranges of temperatures (from – 40 C to + 85 C), consuming 0.08 W in idle mode, 0.16 W at average, and 2.49 W/1.73 W on writing/reading operations.

The KC300 are equipped with SMART tools of corporate level. They embrace data collection options, reliability tracing, lifespan estimation, cell-wear leveling, and temperature monitoring. As for performance, each model is eager to demonstrate some striking results.

Therein, KC300 60 GB and 120 GB models demonstrate: up to 500 MB/525 MB sequential Write/Read speed, up to 64.000 IOPS/85.000 IOPS random Write/Read speed.

KC300 240 GB features: up to 500 MB/525 MB sequential Write/Read speed, up to 52.000 IOPS/85.000 IOPS random Write/Read speed.

KC300 240 GB demonstrates: up to 500 MB/525 MB sequential Write/Read speed, up to 32.000 IOPS/73.000 IOPS random Write/Read speed.
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  • 16 December 2013, 13:12
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