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Microsoft and Barnes & Noble Merger: Operational Joint Working Plan

Microsoft representatives have recently announced the intentions of the corporation to merge with Barnes & Noble company. Barnes & Noble has established reputation for being the global leader in the production and sale of electronic books, as well as other Internet services dedicated to the sale of various goods. The company is currently working at production of electronic book entitled Nook which operates on Android platform. Specialists and analysts declare unanimously that the main goal of Microsoft and Barnes & Noble merger is the creation of a new company; the company will be oriented on the production of electronic books which will operate on Windows 8 platform.

Both companies’ representatives keep from commenting on the detailed structure of the future company. The unveiled info shows that both companies will continue working at creation and production of Nook electronic books. The merger is called to bring benefits to all involved parties: Microsoft will enter into competition with such renowned companies like Amazon and Apple and will get more opportunities to press the competitors in the electronic book market. On the other hand, Barnes & Noble will be lucky to see perceptible investments in the development of electronic books as well as other devices. In addition, the company expects to expand its customer base due to the attraction of customers who get used to employ devices developed on Microsoft platform.

The forecasts show that Microsoft is likely to invest in the newly created company and future projects up to three hundred million dollars. Such undertaking will allow the corporation to win more than 17.5% of Barnes & Noble shares. The merger is called to strengthen positions of both companies in the targeted world market.

The major objectives of the newly created company will be the development and production of innovative functional options integrated in electronic books. IT specialists expect that the new Nook model, which will operate on Windows 8 platform, will facilitate the reading, transforming each and every novel or story into a real history. The customers will likely to participate in the events described in the novels rather than reading the bare facts.

The name of the new company is not evident so far, however the tentative facts speak about the high possibility that the company will be entitled as Newco. The representatives of both companies as well as analysts rely on the benefits from such a merger which will develop into the enlargement of customer base, and the considerable augmentation of investments and revenue from the new projects.
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  • 21 May 2012, 13:40
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