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Arctic Freezer 33 CPU Cooler - Review from the Ice Age

Processors AMD Ryzen pulled a significant market position, creating a long-expected competition between Intel and AMD in the user segment. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, but the very presence of choice is already an important plus. The appearance of the new platform also dragged along adjacent areas, for example, a new socket, which would require a high-level upgrade of the cooling system. Any current model should already support the AM4 socket, providing the owner with the possibility of a painless transition between platforms.
To such solutions, we can safely attribute the novelty of Arctic Cooling Freezer 33, which has been recently announced.

The cooling system is available in four bright colors: yellow, green, red and white.
Dimensions (HxWxD) - 6.25" x 4.88" x 3.00" (158.8 x 124 x 76.2mm)
Base Height - 0.50" (12.7mm)
Assembly Offset - 0.0" (centered)/1.1" (w/fan) (27.94mm)
Weight - 30.9 oz (877g)
Materials - Aluminum fins, copper base
Fans - (1) 120mm x 25mm
Connectors - (1) four-pin PWM
AMD Sockets - TR4, SP3, AM4
Intel Sockets - 2066, 2011-v3
Warranty - 10-year limited
The Arctic Cooling Freezer 33 is arrived in a compact box of thick cardboard with a list of supported sockets, a note of a six-year warranty and a schematic image of the cooler. Inside, the components are fixed in the cardboard safely.
The kit includes a radiator, one fan, four brackets for attaching the fan, a packet of thermal paste, a set of screws for fastening, a crosspiece, a temperature booklet and a QR code card for downloading the assembly instructions.
The most interesting in the kit is antivibration spacers for fans. The manufacturer paid attention even to this issue, which is very encouraging.
Thin spacers with through holes are used for the first fan. Thicker spacers, without a hole, should be installed on the second fan. So if you want to install a second fan, then everything is already included.
Closer View
The design of Arctic Cooling Freezer 33 is strict and ascetic. Rectangular aluminum plates are pierced by four copper tubes.
The open ends of the tubes are sealed, and not additionally encrusted. There are several cutouts on the outer plate. There are 49 plates with a thickness of 0.5mm.
The plates are pressed without additional soldering. Copper tubes are without nickel plated. All these facts reduce the cost of the cooler in the absence of a noticeable negative effect on the efficiency of heat removal.
The height of Arctic Cooling Freezer 33 with the installed fan is 150 mm, the width is 123 mm. Weight - 641 grams. Problems with the installation will not be in most cases.
The cooler practically does not protrude beyond the socket, the depth is 95mm. The memory slats with high radiators will not become an obstacle for installation.
To dampen vibration the kit also includes rubber pads. They are put between the fan and the radiator.
Copper tubes make direct contact with the processor's heat distribution cover. They are centered, without any gaps between them. The surface is polished.
The upper block is made of aluminum. There are mounting seats under the fastening plates.
The fan of Arctic Cooling Freezer 33 supports the speed control up to 1350 per minute. Passive mode with full fan shutdown is supported.
You can download the instruction from the official website. It is distributed there according to the type of sockets and is illustrated in details with schematic drawings. The kit contains everything you need to start the assembly, including a tube of thermal paste, which is enough for 1-2 installations.
Passive mode and temperature modes can be manually set by the user in the BIOS or using proprietary software from the board. Around there is enough space for free access to both the video card and the memory slots.
You get a quality radiator, anti-vibration pads in the kit, MX-4 thermal paste and the possibility of installing a second fan (an extra pair of brackets for this already exist in the box).
As expected, the maximum cooling efficiency is demonstrated by the processor with the solder under the lid.
The cooler is excellent for processors in the sink condition.
According to the manufacturer, the cooler is designed for processors with a maximum level of 150 Watt TDP.
You can afford and easy overclocking, but a large margin for cooling will no longer remain.
As it was mentioned, the thickness of the cooler with the fan installed is only 95 mm, and the height is 150 mm, so it allows installing all four memory slots.
Even if you install a second fan, the space will remain for the second pair of RAM slots (for platforms with 4-channel memory mode).
In general, the cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer 33 left a pleasant impression.
If you are not satisfied with the low efficiency of the boxed coolers, then you can turn your attention to this option.
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  • 16 March 2018, 16:14
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