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Chassis Corsair Carbide 500R Review

Corsair manufacturers have complemented their Carbide line of chassis with a new model 500R. Corsair Carbide 500R is known to be a convenient solution for gaming PCs due to the capability of installing practically all up-to-date graphics cards. Despite the innovations implemented in this chassis, IT specialists, as well as average customers, cannot but compare 500R with its predecessor 400R. This is because both models have got a number of similar features which differentiate the chassis from products of other manufacturers.


The possibility to choose the color of chassis is considered to be an outstanding feature of Carbide 500R. The user is offered either totally black casing or milk-white casing with black framing; the combination of colors creates an overall positive impression about the chassis’ design. Chassis 500R in black color doesn’t differ so much from its 400R predecessor except of upper plate plastic framing and shape of ventilation grid.
Corsair Carbide 500R belongs to the Mid-Tower form-factor chassis with bottom-based PSU. The upper part of clipboard accommodates four slots for 5.25 inch devices, while there is no output for 3.5 inch drives. Crosscut bin for hard drives presupposes the installation of six 3.5 inch or 2.5 inch SSD/HDD; the bin is divided into two parts, each of which can be removed if necessary. Quite the contrary, 400R has an all-of-a-piece bin. The chassis is able to support motherboards of ATX form-factor. Cross cut localization of HDD bin enables the installation of graphics cards up to 328 mm in length, and up to 450 mm when the top cover of the bin is removed.


Carbide 500R is distinguished by the 1.5 cm overhung side wall parts. Such configuration provides for the installation of the additional fans even if the layout comprises solid graphics cards or cooling systems. The chassis is made of steel which ensures the appropriate durability and rigidity. Plastic racks are equipped with rubber frames which heighten the absorbing capability. The clipboard is made of dull plastic and serves a perfect protection from dirt and fingerprints. The middle part of the clipboard is designated for black frames, grids and stubs.

Similar to 400R model, all control elements and external sockets of Carbide 500R are located in the top part of the clipboard. The set of revealed elements includes power button with white LED, HDD activity indicator, audio slots, a couple of USB 3.0 ports, IEEE1394/Firewire port, LED deactivation button, Reset button, and crosscut fan speed switch.

Ventilation System

The nominal layout of 500R embraces three 120 mm fans, and one 200 mm fan. Two 120 mm fans are located in the front part of chassis to ensure maximal cooling of HDD bin. They have white LED which can be activated or deactivated by means of a dedicated button. Moreover, such localization of fans provides an additional cooling down for other components: upper fan – for graphics cards, lower fan – for PSU. The chassis framework allows installing high-power PSU. The third outtake fan is located on the top part of the rear plate and connected with the motherboard due to three-contact socket. 200 mm fan found its place on the left-side plate and is called to provide sufficient cooling of expansion chips and graphics cards.

Frontal and side fans are connected with the controller which is powered by the cable with peripheral Molex socket. This controller allows the customer to choose among the two rotation speeds by means of voltage alteration. There is a possibility to activate the fans individually, but the rotation speed monitoring will be impossible in this case.

Chassis Carbide 500R features a plastic netting which is destined to protect the internal components from the dust. Dust removal is empowered by means of the overhung beak with flexible framing.

The developed framework allows the installation of 184 cm in height processor cooling systems; with the consideration of the overhung side plate, this index can be enlarged. Coolers with liquid cooling are installed with the help of four available holes in the rear plate covered by the rubber plugs.
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  • 05 July 2012, 15:11
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