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Minimalism in new Lian-Li PC-Q25 hull

The market of computer components is growing rapidly. The developers of processors integrate in them elements of system logic, graphics core and other components that were recently placed on the motherboard in the form of individual chips. Motherboard manufacturers have begun to integrate their products with network and sound chips even earlier. All this allows making motherboards, and as a result, systems based on them more compact. The company Lian-Li have understood this tendency and provided the market with the entire line of compact hull designed for motherboard size Mini-ITX.

Consider the model Lian-Li PC-Q25:
— Hull Type — Mini-Tower;
— Dimensions in mm — 280 (H) x 199 (W) x 366 (D);
— Material – Aluminium;
— Weight, kg — 3.1;
— Color: Black / White;
— Form Factor — Mini-ITX/Mini-DTX;
— Devices 3.5 "/ 2.5" internal — 7/3;
— Supported number of expansion cards – 2;
— Fans 1x 140mm, 1x 120mm;

Delivery package

The hull comes on the market in a small cardboard box with a straightforward design, on the edges of which different technical information is depicted. Package kit includes: a set of fans, two plastic ties, system speaker, rubber seals and plastic guides to install drives.

Outer look

The weight of 3.1 kg is quite significant as to compare with its size. But on the linear dimensions the hull is very small: the width is 199 mm, and height and depth of — 280 and 366 millimeters respectively. The front, top and rear panels are a solid sheet of aluminum, gently curved at the corners. There is absolutely nothing on the front side, except to a small power button and plate with the name of the manufacturer. The rear panel of distinguished by absence of usual place for exhaust fan, and the power supply unit is placed in parallel to the motherboard. Exhaust fan which is an indispensable element of modern chassis, is located on the top panel. There are vent holes covered with an external dust filter at the bottom of the panel. The filters are easy to remove if needed.

Inside look

To disassemble the side panels of this hull, one might not even need a screwdriver. Side panels are attached by a plastic latch, and screw fastening is not used, as it is with younger representatives of Q-series. After removal of the side panels, it is immediately clear what make the device be that heavy. A significant part of internal space is taken for installing five hard drives. Two drives can be installed on a special plate attached to the bottom of the hull. On the top panel there is a 120mm exhaust fan. If necessary, all fans are easily dismantled. As shown by internal examination, Lian-Li engineers have tried to make best use of interior space.


At first, the motherboard is attached to the removed tray. After that, the hard drive is set. In order to do this, plastic slides are bolted to the sides. Then, storage device is attached to the mounting plate, which is installed in the chassis. Next, interface connectors are attached to the motherboard. Prepare for the installation of the power supply unit by fixing a frame. After that, the power supply unit is inserted into the hole on the rear panel. After placing the power supply wires to the board of the auxiliary storage baskets, connect interface cables and power cords. Close the side panels and get a very compact and stylish system unit.

Testing results

It is hard to come up with a modern hull, in which a motherboard with integrated processor will be cooled better than on the open stand. With one fan PC-Q25 the model shows the same results as the nearest neighbour on the line, Lian-Li PC-Q11. By connecting a second fan, the hull becomes a definite leader in terms of ventilation among compact device of this manufacturer.
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  • 11 July 2012, 18:47
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