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ET550-G, ET650-G and ET750-G Samples Join the SilverStone Essential Power Supplies Family

Recently SilverStone has announced widening of its budget-friendly Essential power supplies line with three new 80 Plus Gold certified units – namely the ET550-G, ET650-G and ET750-G models, featuring the 550, 650 and 750 W capacity respectively.

The three specialties are enclosed into frameworks being 140 mm long, 150 mm wide and 86 mm high. They are equipped with nondetachable cables, as well as one 12-volt line with critical 45–62 А load depending on the nominal rate. Power supply units comply with ATX12V v2.4 and EPS 2.92 standards, are over-voltage, overpower, short circuit and overheat protected.

Active cooling of these novelties’ inner components is ensured by a 120 mm fan with self-adjusted rotation velocity. The manufacturer provided the 3-year warranty for all the devices.

The retailing start of SilverStone Essential ET550-G, ET650-G and ET750-G power supply units is planned for the 11th of October. The recommended price equals €62, €72 and €82 …

Aerocool Updates Several Mainstream PSU Lineups

Aerocool expands its mainstream- and budget-oriented PSU lineups with a batch of new models. Notably, it replenishes such series as VP, VX, and KCAS to satisfy the needs of a wider public. Without doubt, all greenhorns absolutely comply with the company’s best practices implemented within design and performance frameworks.

Hence, Aerocool VP, the most affordable series in the inventory, has been refilled with three models of 850 W, 1000 W and 1200 W power. They are distinguished by the integration of a single +12V rail, support for the Intel Haswell platform, and compliance with C6 and C7 idle states. All units are estimated for 120 thousand hours of foolproof operation, providing up to 84% efficiency in a wide range of workload. Their other peculiar feature is absence of 80Plus certification.

The VX series has been replenished with two low-power PSUs of 400 W and 500 W power. Their ultimate power on +12V rails makes up 324 W and 456 W correspondingly. Both models are …

Toshiba Preps New VX500 Series of Solid-State Drives

Toshiba America Electronic Components is glad to present a new series of SSDs, developed under OCZ brand. The VX500 models are targeting mainstream desktops & laptops, offering the most comprehensive storage solutions. The drives are designed in a standard 2.5-inch form-factor with SATA 6 Gb/sec interface. Solidity is backed by a 5-year’s limited warranty.

OCZ VX500 SSDs are based on Toshiba MLC chips (15 nm) which are characterized by a more conspicuous reliability than TLC chips. Hence, the items are an optimal tool for content creation, writing & reading info, downloading files, etc. The drives also employ Toshiba TC358790 controller.

The VX500 series is introduced by four models of different capacities: 128 GB, 256 GB. 512 GB & 1 TB. Their top power consumption index equals to 3.4 W. As far as performance specifications are concerned, the models feature the following data transfer showings:

— OCZ VX500 128 GB: sequential Read speed – 550 MB/sec, sequential …

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USB Scroll Mouse voor Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003,

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Driver naam USB Scroll Mouse
Bestand naam devid-driver-202509.exe
Maak KYE
Type apparaat MOUSE
Grootte 1.78 Mb
Driver versie 8.01.00
Driver Date 2006-03-10
Operativni sistem Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Upload 2015-12-01
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[-] Supported Devices

Scroll Mouse(3D5B) HID\VID_0458&PID_000E
NetScroll+ Mini Traveler HID\VID_0458&PID_0050
Traveler 320 HID\VID_0458&PID_0025&COL01
Scroll Mouse(W3D5B) HID\VID_0458&PID_0028
WebScroll+ NB Eye Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0036
PowerScroll/WebScroll+ Series USB Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0002
Wireless Optical Pro HID\VID_0458&PID_0052
Ergo 525 HID\VID_0458&PID_0019
Scroll Mouse(W4D5B) HID\VID_0458&PID_0037
RF PowerScroll NB Eye Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0007
Wireless TwinTouch Optical Office HID\VID_0458&PID_005B&MI_01&COL01
Scroll Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0018&COL01
NetScroll+ Superior HID\VID_0458&PID_0029
ErgoMedia R800 HID\VID_0458&PID_001D
Ergo 520 HID\VID_0458&PID_0033
NetScroll HID\VID_0458&PID_0042
TwinTouch 16e HID\VID_0458&PID_002B&MI_01&COL01
Scroll Mouse(4D3B) HID\VID_0458&PID_0051
Navigator 500 HID\VID_0458&PID_000B
Genius EasyTrack Optical Mouse HID\VID_05A4&PID_9731&MI_01&COL01
USB Scroll Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0040&MI_01&COL01
NetScroll+ Traveler HID\VID_0458&PID_0053
NetScroll+ Eye Mouse HID\VID_05A4&PID_9731&MI_01
Navigator 5000 HID\VID_0458&PID_0055&MI_01&COL01
Mini Navigator HID\VID_0458&PID_0056
Wireless NetScroll+ Traveler HID\VID_0458&PID_0041&MI_01&COL01
NetScroll+ NB Eye Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_001A&COL01
NetScroll Eye HID\VID_0458&PID_0026&COL01
Wireless TwinTouch Optical Office KB-12e HID\VID_0AB0&PID_0001
Genius NetScroll+ Optical Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0057&COL01
Scroll Mouse(W4D3B) HID\VID_0458&PID_0048&MI_01&COL01
TwinTouch LuxeMate HID\VID_0458&PID_0065&COL01
NetScroll Optical Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0008
ErgoMedia R710 HID\VID_0458&PID_002E
LuxeMate 3000 HID\VID_0458&PID_003D&MI_01&COL01
Wireless Scroll Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_001B
RF WebScroll+ NB Eye Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0017
Genius Wireless Optical Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0049&MI_01&COL01
Wireless TwinTouch+ Optical Value HID\VID_0458&PID_0034
Ergo R5000 HID\VID_0458&PID_0039&COL01
NetScroll+ NB MOuse HID\VID_05A4&PID_9732&MI_01&COL02
KB 600 HID\VID_0458&PID_002C&MI_01&COL01
Ergo R815 HID\VID_0458&PID_0003
TwinTouch SE HID\VID_0458&PID_004A
Genius PowerScroll NB Eye Mouse HID\VID_0458&PID_0046
BT Dongle HID\VID_05A4&PID_9732&MI_01
SlimStar R610 HID\VID_0458&PID_0066&MI_01&COL01
Ergo R800 HID\VID_0458&PID_005A&MI_01&COL01
Wireless Mini Navigator HID\VID_0458&PID_003A
Scroll Mouse(4D5B) HID\VID_0458&PID_003E