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SSD OCZ Petrol 128 GB Review

Commercial success of the company in IT market depends upon the applied marketing strategies, line of products, and processing technologies. OCZ Technology belongs to the businesses that implement all the above mentioned aspect in their expertise. This allows the company to establish good reputation in SSD segment and win its constant customers. Their lines of products are continually replenishing with the new advanced devices targeted at clients with different needs and financial possibilities. OCZ Petrol series can be attributed to the budgetary products with good performance and good price.

Design and Framework

First of all, it should be mentioned that OCZ Petrol is represented by only two versions with 64 GB and 128 GB volume capacities. Both models are delivered in a standard format with minimum components in the nominal kit. Design of the casing is developed according to the company's prime standards: the lower part is made of metal, while the top of the casing is …

NEC to Launch EA275UHD Office-Style Monitor

NEC comes to the market with a new corporate-oriented 27-inch monitor, entitled MultiSync EA275UHD. The greenhorn features 639x230x418 mm dimensions and is differentiated by a sleek design. The display sits on a multifunction stand with height, tilt, pivot, and swivel adjustments. According to the designers, this solution will absolutely suit the needs of CAD/CAM engineers, entry-level graphics enthusiasts, corporate personnel, etc.

NEC MultiSync EA275UHD is based on AH-IPS panel, boasting 3840x2160 4K resolution. It is also characterized by 16:9 aspect ratio, 6 ms response time, static contrast ratio – 1000:1, dynamic contrast ratio – 15.000:1, and utmost brightness – 350 cd/m2. As far as connectivity is concerned, the model comes equipped with a 3-port USB 3.0 hub for peripherals as well as three video outputs (DVI-D, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2). Audio facilities are ensured by two integrated speakers and a headphone socket.

To continue, this monitor is thought …

Meet New Landking Mid-Tower Chassis from Deepcool

Deepcool, known initially as the provider of prime-class cooling solutions, decided to gladden its fan audience by the release of a new mid-tower case, entitled Landking. The new-comer is targeting ATX, mini-ITX and micro-ATX mainboards, expansion cards of up to 280 mm in length, and CPU coolers of up to 165 mm in height. The chassis is made of steel with plastic inclusions, differentiated by a stylish silver coloring.

Deepcool Landking features 512x218x515 mm dimensions and weighs 6.67 kg. Its internal layout is sufficient for the installation of eight expansion cards, three 5.25-inch drives, five 3.5-inch drives, and a pair of 2.5-inch drives. The frontal I/O panel offers two USB 3.0 ports as well as two 3.5 mm mini-jacks; they are accompanied by two USB 2.0 ports and a dedicated dock for SATA interface.

To continue, the chassis offers nice opportunities for the organization of a highly-efficient cooling system. Hence, it accommodates four vacancies for the installation …

de Logicool HID-compliant UltraX Optical Mouse Downloaden van Stuurprogramma ' s

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Driver naam Logicool HID-compliant UltraX Optical Mouse
Bestand naam 470472_SetPoint6.69.114_64.exe
Maak Logicool
Type apparaat MOUSE
Grootte 82.6 Mb
Driver versie 5.92.28
Driver Date 2018-04-03
Operativni sistem
Upload 2018-10-02
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[-] Supported Devices

Logitech USB MX320 Laser Mouse HID\VID_046D&PID_C71C&COL04
Sony Alps Device in Firmware Upgrade HID\VID_046D&PID_C71E
hid-compliant keyboard USB\VID_413C&PID_8501&REV_9999
Microsoft Charon Bluetooth Dongle (DFU) USB\VID_046D&PID_C05A
Logicool HID-compliant RX1500 Mouse HID\VID_046D&PID_C0FF&MI_00
HID-compliant Laser Mouse *LGI8E4C
Logicool HID-compliant Unifying keyboard (106 keys) HID\VID_046D&PID_B00D&COL02
Logitech HID-compliant USB Laser Mouse HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}&VID_046D&PID_B001&COL01
Logitech HID-compliant Laser Tilt Wheel Mouse HID\VID_046D&PID_C713
Logicool USB UltraX Optical Mouse USB\VID_046D&PID_C508
Logicool HID-compliant Cordless Trackball HID\VID_046D&CLASS_0400001A&COL03
IBM Integrated Bluetooth Firmware Upgrade Device HID\VID_046D&PID_C714&COL01
Logicool Optical Tilt Wheel Mouse HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}_VID&0002046D_PID&B003&COL01
Logitech HID-compliant LS1 Laser Mouse HID\VID_046D&CLASS_02000008&COL02
Alienware TactX Mouse HID\VID_046D&CLASS_00000002
Logicool USB Optical Tilt Wheel Mouse *MSH0005
Dell TrueMobile Bluetooth Module in Firmware Upgrade HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}_VID&0002046D_PID&B30C&COL02
Bluetooth wireless hub HID\VID_046D&PID_C071&MI_01&COL01
Logitech HID-compliant Mouse HID\VID_046D&PID_B009&COL01
Logicool HID-compliant MX310 Optical Mouse USB\VID_046D&PID_C709
Genius Bluetooth USB Dongle Firmware Upgrade HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}&VID_046D&PID_B307&COL01
Logitech Corded USB Wheel Mouse HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}&VID_046D&PID_B30C&COL02
Logicool Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 HID\VID_046D&CLASS_0400000A&COL03
Logicool Cordless USB Keyboard HID\VID_046D&PID_B010&COL01
HID-compliant Mouse HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}&VID_046D&PID_B30B&COL01
Logicool HID-compliant Unifying device *LGI8E11
Logicool HID-compliant Optical Wheel Mouse HID\VID_046D&PID_C043
Logicool Corded USB Wheel Mouse HID\VID_046D&PID_B010&COL05
Logicool USB Laser Mouse *MSH0002
Logicool Cordless USB Mouse & Enhanced Keys USB\VID_044E&PID_3014
Logicool USB M500 Laser Mouse HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}&VID_046D&PID_B319&COL01
Logicool HID-compliant Unifying keyboard HID\VID_046D&PID_C50D
Logitech Cordless USB Trackball HID\VID_046D&PID_C714&COL02
HID-compliant Device HID\VID_046D&PID_B309&COL02
USB Optical TiltWheel Mouse HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}_VID&0002046D_PID&B008&COL01
Logicool USB Optical Wheel Mouse HID\VID_046D&PID_C704&MI_01&COL04
USB Optical Tilt Wheel Mouse USB\VID_046D&PID_C061
Logicool HID-Compliant Keyboard (106 keys) HID\VID_046D&PID_C01D
Bluetooth 2.0.USB Adapter DFU HID\VID_046D&CLASS_02000018&COL02
Logitech HID-compliant Unifying keyboard (106 keys) USB\VID_413C&PID_8010
Logicool HID-compliant G5 Laser Mouse USB\VID_046D&PID_C045
PS/2 Keyboard (106 key) HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}_VID&0002046D_PID&B30C&COL01
Logicool HID-compliant Cordless Mouse HID\VID_046D&CLASS_00000006&COL02
PS/2 Keyboard HID\VID_046D&PID_C512&MI_01&COL01
HID-compliant Optical TiltWheel Mouse HID\VID_046D&PID_C534&MI_01&COL01
Ericsson USB Bluetooth Device in DFU State USB\VID_0DF6&PID_000B
GIANT Bluetooth Device USB\VID_1668&PID_3441
TDK Bluetooth USB Firmware Upgrade Device USB\VID_046D&PID_C52B&MI_02
Logicool USB (RX250) Optical Mouse HID\VID_046D&PID_C508
HP integrated module with Bluetooth wireless technology. HID\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB}_VID&0002046D_PID&B007&COL01