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In Win MARS — an Extraordinary Fan with Three Degrees of Freedom

In Win Development has recently announced the MARS chassis fan, which is able to control the airflow direction.
This fan consists of an aluminium base of the 120 mm typical size, an aluminium swivel lever, three pivots and a framework-enclosed propeller. The arm of the fan lets adjust its position and angle for every hard-to-get-at place to be chilled down.
The novelty, being built on the dual ball bearing, rotates at the speed of 600–1,400 rpm, ensures the 66 m³/h airflow, the 0.7 mm w.g. air pressure, the 25 dBA ultimate noise level, and weighs 220 g. The mean time between breakdowns is 50 thousand hours.
The fan is supplied with a special 2.5 mm interface and two cords. The first one, being 800 mm long, is equipped with a 4-pin connector for the motherboard linking, and the second one is 600 mm long and is used for connection to the USB port. Thus, In Win MARS can perform the function of a standard desktop fan.
The manufacturer will offer its specialty in two versions: with red and black blades. The product got a 5-year warranty. No data as for its cost are reported yet.
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  • 29 December 2017, 09:06
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