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LaCie Updates a High-End 5big NAS-Server

LaCie, a reputable French manufacturer of premium storage devices, has updated its award-winning NAS, codenamed LaCie 5big, filling it with a bunch of cutting-edge options. The greenhorn is targeting corporate field and intended at a problem-free data backup, 4K video editing, joint and remote access to data, etc. The storage is housed in a solid aluminum chassis and counts five drive bays. Nonetheless, it features 173x220x196 mm dimensions only, which makes it the most compact NAS with the largest storage capacity in the market.

LaCie 5big will be available in three versions with the maximal capacity of 10 TB, 20 TB and 30 TB. The most outstanding peculiarity pertained to the model is the support of high-speed Thunderbolt 2 interface, represented by two ports. Initially, the storage presupposes the integration of five 6 TB hard drives, designed by Seagate, with the 7200 RPM spindle operation.

All the drives might be joined into RAID 5 configuration for a better performance. For sure, the user is free to create other RAID configurations (0, 1, 6), including SimplyRAID intended at automatic choice of the most appropriate operational template.

To continue, the model is based on two-core Intel Atom CPU with 2.13 GHz frequency, accompanied by 4 GB of DDR3 memory. It is equipped with a pair of gigabit Ethernet ports able to aggregate the bandwidth and four USB ports (2x 3.0 and 2x 2.0). Cooling is provided by a high-flown 120 mm fan, Noctua NF-P12, that operates at 1300 RPM.

LaCie 5big operates on NAS OS 2 platform and supports the integration with a cloud storage LaCie Wuala. In addition, it enjoys the support for varied protocols: FTP, BitTorrent, HTTP, iSCSI, AFP, SMB, NFS, SFTP, NTP, 802.3ad, and so on.

Furthermore, this NAS demonstrates up to 1050 MB/sec data transfer speed. If connected with Mac Pro workstation, it is able to enlarge the storage up to 90 TB and accelerate the transfer speed up to 3000 MB/sec.
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  • 10 April 2014, 12:45
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