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Deepcool Debuts with the First Mid-Tower Case Entitled Pangu

Deepcool has been producing high-efficiency cooling solutions for many years in a row. Nonetheless, the company decided to expand its production line with PC cases. Deepcool Pangu is the first company’s elaboration in this segment. It is developed in a mid-tower form-factor and comes in two color variations – black and white. Upon the whole, the case features an unpretentious design, but is ready to amaze every user by internal layout.

Therefore, Pangu is predestined for ATX and micro-ATX motherboards, as well as for ATX-compatible PSUs. It accommodates seven PCI Express expansion slots, three mounting seats for 5.25-inch drives, and a couple of removable baskets for the installation of up to six drives (either 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch standard). Mounting process does not require the involvement of any special tools.

Deepcool Pangu boasts the availability of multiple bays for fans fixture. There are two mounting seats for 120 mm fans in the frontal part of the chassis. If there is a need, the user might substitute them by a single 120x240 mm heatsink; still, on such conditions he’ll need to remove the drive bays. There are two seats for 120 mm fans or a single 120x240 mm heatsink in the top part of the chassis. One more fan can be installed over 5.25-inch bays (120 mm as well). In addition, it’s feasible to integrate two more fans in the bottom and side panels.

The top facet is equipped with a set of interfaces, including Power/Reset buttons, a pair of audio jacks, and four USB ports (two 3.0 and two 2.0 ports). The frontal and top panels feature perforated coating that might be removed without any tools.
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  • 24 September 2013, 17:35
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