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Scythe SCIOR-1000: a Comprehensive CPU Cooler with Top-Flow Design

Scythe is going to start the sales of its newest CPU cooler, entitled SCIOR-1000. It is honored for a comprehensive nature, since it might work with all contemporary CPUs, except for Intel Socket LGA2011 models. The other remarkable thing ascribed to the product is the employment of Top-Flow design.

Therein, the fan is localized over the heatsink, directing the airflow towards the whole framework, including the nickel-plated base. This way, it promotes for a better cooling effect.

Scythe SCIOR-1000 embraces also three 6 mm heat-pipes, along with a 100 mm fan. The latter supports PWM technology, so is able to reach the speed of 1800 RPM. The maximal noise level achieves 26.7 dB. Release date is scheduled for the final days of 2013. Some other specifications about the cooler are described below:

— framework dimensions: 136x117x107 mm, weight – 400 g.;

— supported platforms: Intel – LGA1366/115x/775 and AMD – FM1/FM2/AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+;

— heat-pipes: …

Ultrathin 2.5-inch SSDs from Biwin

Biwin America, Inc., a global manufacturer of solid-state drive solutions for client and corporate needs, has officially announced the release of 2.5-inch SSDs with slim-profile casings. It should be mentioned that decrease in casing dimensions touched upon all 2.5-inch products and series manufactured by the company, including Smart, Pro and Elite Series with SATA 3 and SATA 2 interfaces, as well as Drive NX and NuvoDrive PX Series with SATA 3 interfaces.

Previously all SSDs were developed in 9.5 mm-thin casings, but the current modifications allowed Biwin to decrease the dimensions to 7 mm. This is twenty-six percent less than with preceding models. Hence, slim-profile SSDs are applicable in more compact devices; they are destined to be installed in 1U and 2U server stands. This is called to increase the deployment capacity of the server without sufficient investments. Biwin 7 mm SSDs casings are made of black anodized aluminum to ensure fail-proof characteristics of the …

The Thermaltake View 22 Tempered Glass Edition Chassis Has Got a Wave-Shaped Front Panel

Thermaltake has released a new chassis of the Middle Tower type. The novelty, called Thermaltake View 22 Tempered Glass Edition, is produced out of the SPCC steel and the 4 mm tempered glass. An unusual aspect of the model is its front panel, resembling a wave and attaching extra elegance to this PC case.


Inside Thermaltake View 22 Tempered Glass Edition has enough room to house Mini-ITX, microATX or ATX motherboards with 7 expansion slots (at most). There are four mounting seats for 2.5-inch drives; two of them are also suitable for 3.5-inch solutions. The graphics accelerator length is not to overcome 400 mm, and the CPU cooler’s height should be 160 mm or less. The power supply length limitation equals 160 mm.


The external interfaces set of Thermaltake View 22 Tempered Glass Edition offers two USB 3.0 ports, as well as a couple of 3.5 mm audio jacks for headphones and a mic. The cooling system may contain seven or less 120 mm fans (3 on the front, 3 on …
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