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Overview of the Case be quiet! Pure Base 600

Pure Base 600 is the fourth chassis from the be quiet! company, completing the logic of dividing the model range of cases into three segments: the top one – Dark Base, the middle range Silent Base and the basic level Pure Base. But this is actually not a budgetary model, because in all respects it is a quality product which embodies the manufacturer’s view on what a simple computer case should be.


Case type: Midi-Tower
Dimensions, mm: 470 (H) x 220 (W) x 505 (D)
Material: ABS plastic, steel (0.8-1 mm)
Weight, kg: 7.4
Color: black
Form factor: ATX
Devices 5.25": 2
3.5" external devices:
3.5"/2.5" internal” 3/8 devices: (two 2.5" drives fit into the 3.5" basket)
Supported expansion slots: 7
Front fans: 3 x 120/2 x 140 mm (1 x 140 mm installed)
Rear fans: 1 x 120 mm (installed)
Upper fans: 3 x 120/2 x 140 mm (optional)
Interface sockets: 2 x USB 3.0, mic input and headphone output
Other: removable top panel cover, three-position speed controller for three fans, removable dust filter of the power supply unit, removable baskets of all drives, soundproofing of the top, front and side panels.

Packing and Delivery Kit

The case is delivered in a simple box with one-color printing on the sides. There is an image of the product in the front, a scheme of its dismantling and the main advantages of the model is given on the rear side. Technical information is provided on the left side of the box. Internal damage protection is standard – foam dampers and a plastic bag.

A set of fasteners is contained in a small cardboard box and includes the following:

  • • assembly instruction;
  • • 4 reusable 200 mm Velcro strips;
  • • 8 knurled screws for mounting 5.25" drives;
  • • 12 screws with a large hat for attaching 3.5" disks;
  • • 8 screws for 2.5" drives;
  • • 8 screws for fixing the motherboard.

Unfortunately, there are no fasteners for the power supply unit and adapters for mounting the motherboard racks.


Cases be quiet! Pure Base 600 are currently manufactured in four versions: Black, Silver, Black Window, Orange Window. The base color for all of them is matte black, but the color of decorative inserts and internal rubber elements differs. And the Window-version left side panel is a one-piece element made entirely of tempered glass. The front panel of the case is made of plastic resembling polished metal. The side faces are metal ventilation grids. External ports and buttons are moved to the upper edge. Two shelves for 5.25" devices covered with solid plugs are also placed at the top. And the silver logo be quiet! Is glued in the center at the bottom of the front panel.

Among the elements of the front panel there is a round white indicator of the drives activity, right next to it there is a system reset button of the same size, then follows a three-position slider of the three fans speed controller. It changes the rotational speed of the impeller by supplying the motor with a voltage of 5, 7 or 12 volts. A neat square with rounded corners system start button has a white built-in power indicator. All these are followed by two USB 3.0 ports and two 3.5 mm audio jacks.

The left side panel of the case is solid. It is removed by sliding back. It is fixed with two knurled screws directly to the door. The stamped handle is present for easy dismantling. The right panel is completely identical and interchangeable with the left door.

Both side panels have sufficient strength due to the stiffeners. From the inside they are glued with a 3-mm layer of noise-insulating material.

The ventilation grid on the top panel is covered with a plastic plug. It will be handy if a user plans to assemble a not very hot system and will have enough exhaust through the back panel. In return, one will get a reduction in noise.

If suchlike ventilation is not enough, the plastic plug can be raised by opening the air inlet to the outside. There are two fixation positions: by 6.3 mm or by 11.4 mm in height. For lifting, one neesd to press eight plastic hooks from inside the case alternately. This is not the most convenient solution.

On the reverse side, the plug is glued with a 1 mm thick layer of noise insulation. In its rear part there are four ventilation slots, which can hardly drastically affect the rate of heat dissipation.

If the plug is completely removed, it can be seen that most of the upper panel is a ventilation grid with cells of medium size, made in the form of honeycombs. The elongated mounting holes are biased toward the left panel, away from the motherboard location. Three 120-mm or two 140-mm fans, or radiators of the liquid cooling system of the appropriate size can be mounted here.

The rear panel looks quite typical for a case with the bottom location of the power supply. On the top there are small ventilation openings. A little below there is a ventilation grid on which a 120 mm fan is pre-installed for blow-out. All seven PCI expansion slots are covered with reusable vented plugs, and on the side of the slots there is another vertical vent grid.

The power supply can be located in this chassis with a fan up and down, the landing holes here are provided for both orientation options. From the bottom the power supplt is protected from dust by a quality removable filter.

At the bottom of the case there is nothing interesting apart from the ventilation of the power supply and four plastic legs. The legs lift the case to a height of 25 mm and have rubber bumps allowing the chassis to not fidget on the table and partially compensate vibrations emanating from it.

Internal Organization

The case be quiet! Pure Base 600 supports the installation of motherboards of format ATX, MicroATX and Mini-ITX in vertical position. The acceptable height of the CPU cooler declared by the manufacturer is 165 mm, although in fact all cooling systems with a height up to 170 mm will perfectly fit here. The possible length of expansion cards in all slots reaches 425 mm, or 280 mm, if the board falls into the plane opposite the removable basket. The length of the standard power supply should not exceed 210 mm.

Under the top panel there is a spare space of 40 mm up to the edge of the motherboard. This makes it possible to easily install fans of any thickness here and connect all the sockets comfortably.

A proprietary 120mm fan is pre-installed for blow-out at the rear panel. All the plugs of the PCI slots are fixed with knurled screws.

The fan belongs to the Pure Wings 2 series and is built on the basis of the Rifle bearing (threaded bushing). It is capable of starting with 5 V at 600 rpm and 34 dB (A) noise indistinguishable by hearing. At 7 V it rises up to 800 per minute, but the noise level of 36 dB (A) still does not reach the threshold of audibility. The maximum speed is 1200 rpm with 44 dB (A) and is at an average noise level. From parasitic sounds, there is a slight crackling of the engine, which generally does not strain the hearing. The length of the three-pin power cord without braid is 550 mm.

From the bottom, in place of the power supply, there are four rubber inserts designed to suppress vibration from its fan. The ventilation grid is made long enough to fit any power source.

In the front part of the case there are three baskets for 3.5" hard drives are two more free places are left where they can be moved in case of conflict with long video adapters. Under the lower basket there is quite a lot of space where extra wires can be placed if necessary.

Each basket holds one 3.5" hard drive or two 2.5" drives and is attached to the chassis using three knurled screws. Hard drives are fixed with special screws through rubber anti-vibration inserts. 2.5" discs are fastened with screws at the bottom and top of the basket.

In the upper front part of the case there is a removable basket for two 5.25" devices. They can be fixed here conveniently with the help of proprietary knurled screws. The basket itself is removed by screwing out a few screws, leaving space for additional fans or radiators to be installed under the top or behind the front panel.

The pallet of the motherboard has a lot of holes for laying wires, a huge cutout for mounting the amplifying plate of the processor cooler and a dozen eyelets for fixing cable ties. Space behind the pallet is 25 mm, which is more than enough for the normal distribution of all the cables even in several layers.

For 2.5" drives there are two removable trays, which are held on thumb screws. The discs are attached to the trays with screws from the outside.

Baskets with 3.5" drives are inserted into rectangular holes in the front part of the pallet and fastened with three knurled screws. The screws do not interfere with the connection of signal and power cables.

The front panel of the case is held on six latches, which need to be moved from the case inside to be dismantled. No wires are tied to it, so it can scan be removed quite safely. From the inside there is a 1 mm thick layer of noise insulation. Two 5.25" plugs are easy to remove. On both sides there are long L-shaped inserts with a metal mesh performing (actually not the best way) the role of dust filters. The size of the ventilation holes on the edges is small and there are some doubts that the outboard air passes through them freely.

Mounting holes on the front panel allow installing two 140 mm fans or three 120 mm propellers here two. One 140 mm fan is fixed here by default.

The set of wires includes a HD-Audio connector, a USB 3.0 socket, start and reset wires, a drive activity and system power indicator, a Power-SATA connector for powering the built-in fan controller and three three-pin connectors for connecting the propellers to the controller. The length of all cables is sufficient for connection; the color of insulation is black.


Assembling the system in the be quiet! Pure Base 600 case is very simple. Access to all components is completely open. The only exception is the fans on the front panel – they have to be screwed by default from the inside, and it is required to dismantle all the baskets with hard disks for this, though it does not take much time.

On the other hand, there is nothing preventing from dismantling and fixing the propellers from the inside of the front panel. Cable managing is elementary thanks to convenient Velcro strips. A cutout for the reinforcement plate is suitable for any location of processor sockets.

The drives activity indicator and the power button glows with a pleasant glare-free white color.


be quiet! Pure Base 600 is a good case with many advantages and just a couple of drawbacks. Its positive aspects are as follows: attractive outlook, well thought-out internal organization, high quality of materials and assemblies in general, good capacity, the presence of an integrated fan controller and noise insulating inserts, the modular design of the baskets for all the drives, allowing to install large contours of liquid cooling system here without any problems.

The disadvantages of Pure Base 600 are minimal – weak air intake which leads to excessive heating of components and not the best dust filters on the front panel.

Proceeding from the above, be quiet! Pure Base 600 can be recommended as a good chassis for medium-power and heat-transfer systems without overclocking the processor and video card. In addition, the version with a side window will definitely appeal to fans of visual modding who do not want to spend on a rather expensive be quiet! Dark Base 900.
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