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AOC Launches Earlier Announced q2963Pm Monitor

AOC has finally put its new monitor, codenamed q2963Pm, on sale. Announced earlier this year, at CES 2013 to be precise, the product is now available in official European retail stores at a price of about 314 Euro. As the name suggests, the monitor enjoys quite a voluminous 29-inch display, and in combination with the suggested price, it might become the most affordable option in this format segment.

AOC q2963Pm employs IPS panel type that ensures high resolution showings: 2560x1080. The display aspect ratio equals to 21:9, whilst array response time does not go beyond 5 ms (in GtG mode). The implementation of an advance panel promotes for the utmost viewing properties. Therefore, the monitor offers wide viewing angles in both vertical and horizontal aspects (178/178 degrees), maximal brightness of 250 nits, typical static contrast – 1000:1, and rather high dynamic contrast – 5 million to 1. Besides, q2963Pm is equipped with a power-saving WLED based on white diodes. The …

Apacer to Release DDR3 Memory Modules of Armor Series

About a month ago Apacer Technology announced the release of new DDR3 memory modules to replenish Armor series. Codenamed Apacer Armor DDR3, these modules are chiefly targeting overclockers and inveterate gamers who long for the high-speed performance in various environments. Good news for all Apacer's customers is that the release of these outstanding products is scheduled for the mid January, 2013.

Modules Armor DDR3 consist of heatsinks which resemble 'armor', while the series itself is represented by the items of various colors, including red, yellow, blue, and black versions. This way the customer will be able to select the most suitable module to correspond to the overall chassis and motherboard color gamma. The heatsinks feature quite typical dimensions and this automatically eliminates all problems connected with the installation of voluminous CPU coolers.

The implemented printed circuit board is given black coverage in combination with eye-catching yellow, blue …

Review of a Portable Mouse Microsoft Arc Touch

Computer mouse truly belongs to the line of universal and integral peripheral devices in the computer layout. This is not an exaggeration as practically any PC activity involves the work of a mouse. With the progress of computer layout and emergence of laptops and netbooks, traditional mouse has outlived major transformations and enabled the work with those gadgets by means of wireless connection. The popularity of portative mouse pieces grows each and every day due to their compact size and handiness in usage. Developers of Microsoft Arc Touch put the design, handiness in usage and technical peculiarities of a mouse in the limelight, allowing the targeted customer groups to admire their product.


Microsoft Arc Touch integration is rather modest but contains all necessary elements for effective utilization. The initial package embraces the user manual and USB radio module. USB radio module should be given a special attention. It is very small and can be …
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