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BitFenix Offers Neos Chassis in 6 Color Variations

BitFenix Design Lab announces the release of a new PC chassis entitled Neos. Its major attraction is the availability of six different color versions of enclosures. Moreover, some of the models come with an acrylic window on the side panel but the others have a blind facet. Upon the whole, Neos boasts a durable steel case of 470x185x429 mm dimensions, featuring mid-tower form-factor.

BitFenix Neos is intended to support motherboards of ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX standard. The layout offers a couple of external 5.25-inch drive seats, three internal 3.5-inch drive seats, as well as three internal 2.5-inch drive seats. Expansion facilities are maintained by means of seven PCI expansion slots. It should be noted that the chassis’ layout presumes individual placement of bays for the drives, dedicated screwless mounting for ODD, and special apertures for cable management.

All the models are equipped with a single pre-installed rear fan of 120 mm dimensional type. In addition, …

Fractal Design Showcases an Offbeat Define S Chassis

Fractal Design, a well-known Swedish PC hardware developer, comes out with an innovative PC chassis, entitled Define S. The new-comer offers an ideal balance of functionality with a perfect soundproofing. Its exterior is differentiated by a classic strictness and style combined with a totally black coverage. The case might accommodate as mini-ITX/mATX motherboards, so full ATX items. Moreover, potential customers are able to choose between a windowed version ($90) and an entirely blind version ($80) of the chassis.

Key peculiarity of Fractal Design Define S model is absence of traditional bays for ODD and HDD/SSD. Instead of them, there are dedicated vertical seats on the reverse side of the motherboard tray for three 3.5-inch drives and two additional 2.5-inch drives. Seats for the 5.25-inch ODD are absent at all.

The layout allows for the installation of 425-mm graphics cards (if frontal fans are excluded, the maximal admissible length of cards might be 450 mm), CPU …

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX Tempered Glass Edition Is a Compact Chassis Aimed at PCs with Mini-ITX Mother Cards

The Phanteks Co. releases the Enthoo Evolv ITX Tempered Glass Edition chassis with the 395 × 375 × 230 mm dimensions. This compact product, performed out of steel and tempered glass (the side panel), is intended for mini-ITX cards based computers. Due to its construction, inner components are easily examined.

Enthoo Evolv ITX Tempered Glass Edition can hold two 3.5-inch drives, one 2.5-inch storage device, alongside with two expansion cards, whilst the discrete graphics accelerator’s length can come to 330 mm.

In case of utilizing air-cooling system, it is possible to install up to five 120 or 140 mm fans. On top of that, liquid cooling is also supported. The CPU cooler height is not to be more than 200 mm.

In its front part, the case has two USB 3.0 ports, as well as headphones and mic jacks. The specialty is available in three colour versions – black, black with red interior and white with black interior. Its value starts at 80 USD.
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