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Sharp Promises to Start Selling Its PN-K321 Betimes

Official announcement of a new professional monitor from Sharp earlier in November grasped all analysts and customers into anticipation. This was dictated by the fact that PN-K321 (the codename of a new model) was claimed to employ IGZO semiconductors in their framework. The implementation of IGZO technology implied the launch of a product with a really high resolution. Sharp managed to successfully introduce this technological 'know-how' into its monitor and claimed the maximal resolution for PN-K321: 3840x2160.

Sharp PN-K321 features 32-inch display with 16:9 aspect ratio. It is known to support Ultra HD format that is still rarity in this segment. The display is based on IGZO semiconductors that are a combination of indium, gallium, oxide and zinc. They ensure wide viewing angles and brilliant color rendering. Brightness index is recorded at 250 cd/m2.

The model accommodates two built-in stereophonic speakers, the overall power of which equals to 4W, 3.5 mm audio slot, …

WD to Release 6 TB Purple HDD

WD Purple, a much talked-of series of hard drives, has been replenished with a new 6 TB model. Similar to its comrades, this HDD is intended for CCTV systems. The new-comer is developed in 3.5-inch form-factor and equipped with 64 MB cache. This provides for the simultaneous interaction with 32 high-definition cameras in 24/7 operational mode.

WD Purple 6 TB is thought to support the following vital technologies:

— Advanced Format Technology (AFT) allows increasing data density on writing.

— AllFrame – if used jointly with data streaming commands via ATA bus, this technology allows eliminating the possibility of omitting the frames, due to the implementation of a unique cache management algorithm. It also supports micro-programs which help in preventing pixelization and undesirable pauses in video recording.

— IntelliSeek helps in defining the most optimal search speed, depending on the current loading. It also reduces power consumption, noise level and …

Xigmatek Manifests Specifications of Apache III

Xigmatek, a Taiwanese manufacturer of PC cooling solutions, has just promulgated the specifications of its new cooler series entitled Apache III. The series consists of two models only, which differentiate themselves by the casing's material and color. Model CD901 is housed in a silver aluminum casing, while model CD903 – in a black anodized aluminum casing. Both models have been developed specifically for CPU cooling purposes; they are able to support various platforms offered by Intel and AMD: LGA 775, 1155, 1156 (Intel), Socket AM2 and later (AMD).

Both models in Apache III series are equipped with a voluminous aluminum heatsink and 92 mm fan with half-transparent orange ribs. The fan is based on Long Life bearing and features PWM facility that allows for the adjustment of fan rotational speed. The speed span variates between 1200-2500 rpm, depending on the CPU temperature and loading. The noise level does not outreach the measures of twenty dB.

Cooling system Apache …
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