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Bitfenix Nova TG –Searching for the Thin, Lightweight and Stylish Enclosure


Taiwanese manufacturer of enclosures and power supplies BitFenix announced the release of a new budget version chassis Nova, which is equipped with a side panel of 4-mm tempered glass. The newcomer is called Nova TG, it is made of steel and plastic, and supports motherboards of standard sizes Mini-ITX, microATX and ATX.
Let’s come closer.

Main Characteristics

• Materials — Steel, Plastic,Tempered Glass

• Dimensions(W x H x D) — 201 x 437 x 465mm

• Motherboard Support — ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX

• 5.25" Drive Bay – 1

• 3.5" Drive Bay – 3

• 2.5" Drive Bay – 3

• Cooling Front — 2 x 120mm(1 x 120mm Black Fan included)

• Cooling Rear — 21 x 120mm Red LED Fan(included)

• PCI-E Slots — 7 Slots

• I/O Ports — 2 x USB 3.0, Audio I/O

• Power Supply — ATX & EPS 12V

• Highlights -Tempered Glass Side Panel — Indirect air intake cooling to reduce acoustic level — Noise reduction material around the edge of tempered glass — Dual 120mm silent FDB fans included (Red LED Fan x 1) — Removable PSU Dust Filter — Support VGA Length up to 300mm — Dual USB 3.0 ports at front — Tooless SSD/ HDD/ ODD tray included.


Bitfenix Nova TG comes in a brown cardboard box with a chassis and some angles on the back of the package. On both sides of the window, additional pieces of information are written, such as specifications, model number and color. It is weird that there are no cut-outs that can serve as holes.

Because of the tempered glass, Bitfenix provided the chassis with two thick foam pads, and a plastic bag hold on the chassis to protect it from dirt and damage.

In the package you will find a few zippers, a speaker, a bag, and a manual. While this may not be so much, the chassis strives to be an affordable choice, which explains why so few accessories are included.

No doubt, the chassis is designed for a wide audience of buyers.
Although there are several cases on the market that also offer this, Bitfenix is committed to offer more functionality.
The opposite side of the chassis is completely solid, but is extruded to provide extra space behind the motherboard tray.

On the bottom of the chassis there are four very small foam pads to avoid vibrations. Above there are seven expansion slots with their clipping covers, and at the very top you can clearly see a 120mm fan with a LED display. It comes with both a Molex and a 3-pin connector, which is pretty good, because it gives you maximum flexibility in using it.

The power supply allows laying the cable, and then placing the board above it so that the interior becomes as clean as possible. The power supply is fixed using traditional screws, and there is plenty of room for longer devices – if you need them.

Closer View

BitFenix Nova TG has the sizes of 465(D) x 201(W) x 437(H) mm and a weight of 5.3 kg.
Inside, there is room for seven expansion cards with a length of up to 280 mm, an ATX-compatible power supply and a processor cooling system the height of which does not exceed 160 mm. The novelty is provided with two baskets, which are able to receive three 3.5- and three 2.5-inch drives. It is also possible to install one 5.25-inch device.
The Nova casing is equipped with one fan. It is possible to install a second fan on the front wall. The air filters appeared in the case, and the ventilation grilles on the front panel sides are painted in contrast to the main tone: they have red color in the black case and black one in the white case.
There are now two USB 3.0 connectors on the I/O panel. Of course, the headphone and microphone connectors are present.

With everything in place and some creative cable routing, the interior of the Nova TG actually looks quite clean — a nice result for the chassis of this price policy.

To reduce fan noise inside the chassis, a closed front panel was developed for the Nova TG.
To prevent the dust appearing inside of the power supply source, causing the fan to rotate at a high speed or even overheat and shut down, the Nova TG is ready with a dust filter that can be quickly cleaned. It increases the life of your power supply and ensures reliable operation of your system for many years.

The angular interface of the Nova TG front panel makes it easy to reach and use on the floor, raised or even standing on your desk. A large round power button is easy to find even blindly. Two High Definition audio connectors allow you to connect the headset to the next game session quickly, to listen to music or to make a simple video call.

Installing a 3.5" hard drive does not require any screws or tools. Simply take the tray of your choice and insert a drive that you like. Plastic pins will hold it in place.

Something totally new is an actual ODD bay, which makes it especially attractive to system integrators.

Once the system is put back together, the Nova TG makes a really nice impression. A bright white LED at the front denotes the system's power status.


In 2015 Bitfenix produced the Nova for the price of $30, two years later the Nova TG came out for the price of $50 and has the same design as its predecessor.
But things like a side panel made of tempered glass, upgraded interior, and contrast colors make the chassis desirable to a bigger number of users.

But the Nova TG also has a few very tangible upsides: it offers a tempered glass side panel, which is something new but still not unheard for this price niche. And Bitfenix has decided to place two 120 mm fans inside the chassis, which is certainly a wise choice. Taking into consideration the fact that you can put pretty large components inside and the inclusion of two USB 3.0 ports, you get a quite good case for such price.
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  • 28 September 2017, 16:04
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