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Review of Transformer Pad TF300T from Asus

The effective solution of various dedicated tasks is the major goal of computer technologies. You can hardly find a person who would not use the privileges those technologies provide, however when it comes about the purchase of this or that device, customers pay great attention not only to its functional characteristics, but also to its pricing. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford buying a new version of pad from the top line, for example, so manufacturers of various gadgets try to orientate their work on average customer. Asus company has recently introduced a budgetary model Transformer Pad TF300T to counterbalance its advanced pad Transformer Prime TF201. The launch of this model couldn’t but please the devotees of Asus products.

General Peculiarities

Design of the new model does not differ too much from that of Transformer Prime TF201 and in some way copies it. Buttons and sockets localization concurs with the localization in a more expensive predecessor. Transformer Pad TF300T frame is made of plastic and its surface has round-robin texture. This adds a note of refinement to the budgetary model. IPS display diagonal equals to 10.1" with the resolution of 1280x800. The device employs Nvidia Tegra 3 chip and is based on Android 4.0 platform.

Nvidia Tegra 3 Performance

Nvidia Tegra 3 is a chip with lowered frequency. Despite this fact, its performance doesn’t differ so much from that of models with higher frequency. Asus company took a decision to utilize exactly this chip in order to correspond to the class to which the product belongs to. Such technical decision allowed reducing the price for the pad without perceptible losses in performance stats. Thus, in Balanced and Performance modes this pad works a bit slower than its high-end counterpart, but in Power-saving mode it doesn’t yield to the more expensive model Transformer Prime. It should be underlined that such difference in performance will be hardly visible in real usage.

More efficient and fast memory of type DDR3, which is called to increase the throughput in GeekBench utility, is considered to be among the basic advantages of Transformer Pad TF300T. Quite the contrary, Transformer Prime was equipped with a slower memory in spite of the inhering to the top class products.


As it was mentioned above, Transformer Pad TF300T works on lower frequency. Nevertheless, battery operation duration is scanter than that of models which employ high frequencies. Battery charge speed is rather efficient though, and exceeds the speed of other models of the same line. Full charge is achieved for 2 and a half hours. Such charge speed is probably the main advantage of Transformer Pad TF300T which is viewed as a great development.

Camera Quality

Transformer Pad TF300T is equipped with front and rearward cameras, similar to its predecessor Transformer Prime. The front camera is able to provide for the display quality to be sufficient for VoIP communication activity; rearward camera framework has been improved and equipped with the sensor on 8 MP, LED flash with the focal ratio of F2.2, and with faster lens system. Such characteristics increased the shot speed and that can’t but be perceptible in use.

Meanwhile, lack of surface photosensitivity and insufficient light capturing capacity affect the quality of pictures which is not always satisfactory. In the event of poor lighting, the camera performance is deteriorated substantially which is seen distinctly on high-contrast scenario.

There is one more characteristic feature that should be taken into consideration. Transformer Pad TF300T doesn’t support HDMI output when the pad is closed and located on a docking station. This is a usual feature pertained to all devices based on Android.

GPS Option

Asus developers equipped their more expensive model Transformer Prime with GPS option, although it proved to be rather inefficient. The company’s team has removed the drawbacks in operation, perfected this option and successfully integrated it in their Transformer Pad TF300T model. Hence, it should be stated that GPS option operates without any glitches and allows working uninterruptedly with Google Maps application and receiving appropriate data from GPS satellites.

Docking Station Employment

Transformer Pad TF300T requires that customers purchase a special docking station for effective employment. That is because docking stations of other Transformer models do not fit this pad since each device has unique framework and design. Still, if there is no possibility to acquire a new docking station, one can employ docking stations from other models; however, there is nothing to expect the 100% convenience in usage on such conditions.
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  • 26 May 2012, 10:56
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