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HGST Announces Corporate-Class Ultrastar C10K1800 Hard Drives

Despite the emergence of ultra-fast and voluminous SSD devices, data processing centers still require classical storage solutions. Hence, HGST, an affiliate company of Western Digital, decided to comply with the corporate demands by introducing budgetary hard drives entitled Ultrastar C10K1800. The new-comers are targeting exactly DPC-systems which are in need of high performance combined with fail-safe behavior.

HGST Ultrastar C10K1800 drives feature 2.5-inch form-factor and come in diverse capacity variations (from 300 GB to 1.8 TB). The models employ SAS interface with 12 Gb/sec throughput. It should be noted that designers involved the minimal amount of plates on the maximal possible tape density. The latter are thought to rotate with 10.520 RPM.

The implementation of only few plates provides for the reduction of power consumption; this is supposed to be a great benefit since the drives are estimated for a durable 24/7 operation. Thus, an average power consumption index fluctuates within the measures of 5.9-7.4 W, whereas on idle mode this index might not surpass 3.9 W.
The greenhorns accommodate 128 MB cache memory and ensure up to 247 MB/sec Write speed. An average access time to memory equals to 2.85 ms. Upon the whole, the drives of all capacities are predestined for 2.000.000 hours of foolproof operation, due to the realization of a first-class design.

In order to boost the reliability of data storage, C10K1800 utilizes a nonvolatile cache-memory that allows to secure data even on abrupt power interruption. This peculiarity promotes for the enhancement of performance up to 2.5 times on random Write operations and up to 23% on sequential Write operations, if compared with the previous generation of drives.
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  • 14 July 2014, 18:22
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