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ET550-G, ET650-G and ET750-G Samples Join the SilverStone Essential Power Supplies Family

Recently SilverStone has announced widening of its budget-friendly Essential power supplies line with three new 80 Plus Gold certified units – namely the ET550-G, ET650-G and ET750-G models, featuring the 550, 650 and 750 W capacity respectively.

The three specialties are enclosed into frameworks being 140 mm long, 150 mm wide and 86 mm high. They are equipped with nondetachable cables, as well as one 12-volt line with critical 45–62 А load depending on the nominal rate. Power supply units comply with ATX12V v2.4 and EPS 2.92 standards, are over-voltage, overpower, short circuit and overheat protected.

Active cooling of these novelties’ inner components is ensured by a 120 mm fan with self-adjusted rotation velocity. The manufacturer provided the 3-year warranty for all the devices.

The retailing start of SilverStone Essential ET550-G, ET650-G and ET750-G power supply units is planned for the 11th of October. The recommended price equals €62, €72 and €82 …

Presentation of a Professional Graphics Card AMD FirePro W9000

Within the bounds of AMD Fusion Developer Summit, Advanced Micro Devices has presented its new graphics card AMD FirePro W9000. The new graphic solution is based on a couple of 28-nm Tahiti chips and is actually a prototype of Radeon HD 7900 adapter. FirePro W9000 is chiefly targeted at professionals used to work with 3D technologies and video editing applications.

AMD FirePro W9000 is based on a red circuit board developed to work with PCI Express 3.0x16 bus. The cooling system is represented by a solid cooler of active type, a high-end radiator, three 90 mm. noiseless fans and copper heat tubes. The organization of additional power presupposes the availability of two dedicated eight-contact slots.

The new professional graphics card is furnished with GDDR5 memory in 6 GB volume capacity and 384 bit interface. Six DisplayPort slots are called to connect the card with displays. GPU lock frequency equals to 1 GHz which allows the card to ensure the performance in the …

MSI Introduces an Updated Trident 3 Arctic Gaming PC at CES 2018

MSI presented an updated Trident 3 Arctic desktop PC at the CES 2018 exhibition, which is conducted in Las Vegas, USA. The desktop, operated by the Windows 10 Home OS, is compatible with VR-headsets.


The Trident 3 Arctic system was first announced early last year. This device of a modest form factor is performed in a snow-white framework with the following dimensions: 346.25 × 232.47 × 71.83 mm. It is equipped with the Silent Storm Cooling 2 cooling system, ensuring the effective heat dissipation without redundant noise.


The novelty obtained the enhanced electronic “stuff”, particularly the 7th generation Intel Core processor gave place to the 8th gen Core chip. The GeForce GTX 1070 video card was substituted by the discrete GeForce GTX 1080 graphics accelerator.


The Gigabit LAN controller is responsible for wired connection to the computer network. Wi-Fi 802.11ас and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless adapters are …

Memory card devices, ishlab chiqaruvchilar.

Bu sahifada s haydovchilar shlab chiqaruvchilar ro'yxatini topishingiz mumkin, bizning veb-saytida yuklab olishingiz mumkin. chiqib, munosib bir haydovchi uchun eng yaxshi qidirish bizning bazasida mavjud, sizning ishlab chiqaruvchi tanlash 0an s 7 bu bo'limda taqdim etilgan.

DevID : : Memory card devices

Eng zamonaviy raqamli multimedia qurilmalar (foto-/video kameralar, audio futbolchilar va h. k.) tez-tez ma'lumotlar katta miqdorda saqlash uchun yetarli bo'lgan ichki xotira cheklangan miqdorda, bilan ishlab chiqarilgan. Saqlash miqdorini oshirish, maxsus saqlash qurilma – xotira kartasi. Xotira karta ma'lumotlarni statsionar KOMPYUTER yoki noutbuk ko'chib bo'lishi mumkin, lekin OITS – kitobxonlar – amalga oshirish uchun holda deyarli mumkin bo'ladi.

O'quvchi qurilma xotira kartalari ma'lumotlarni o'qish uchun mo'ljallangan. Kompyuter/tizza bilan kelishib ish uchun men uchun xotira kartalari uchun qurilmalar uchun maxsus bir haydovchi, ular oling. Bor karta o'quvchilarning bilan mos faqat bir formatida xotira kartalari (masalan, SD),- da bugungi kunda keng tarqalgan universal modeli, qaysi qo'llab-quvvatlaydi, bir necha xil formatlar (UFS, SDXC UHS-I, CF, Cfast va h. k.).

Bir KOMPYUTER uchun ulanish turi orqali o'quvchilarning barcha modellar ichki va tashqi tasniflanadi bo'lishi mumkin.

Ichki qurilmalar 2.5-/3.5-inch tizimi birligi ichida saqlash bo'lmasiga o'rnatilgan. Odatda barcha mashhur karta formatlarini qo'llab-quvvatlash bilan xarakterlanadi, ular bor. Faqat ularning kamchiligi – ko'chma KOMPYUTER (tizza, ultrabook, nettop) ulanish uchun ishonchsizlik.

Tashqi karta o'quvchilarning to'plagan mashhurligi tufayli ulanish uchun tashqi interfeysi USB ikkala ish stoli va noutbuklarni kompyuterlar (orqali USB kabel.) Bunday echimlar, odatda, ularni ko'chma qiladi ixcham hajmi, bor. Agar tashqi qurilmalar yordamida, agar turli tizimlari ulanish uchun o'rnatilgan operatsion tizimini sozlash bilan mos bo'lgan xotira kartalari uchun qurilmalar uchun haydovchilar yuklab olish uchun kerak, deb tushunmoq zarur.


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